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Wormminer is a 100% Scam Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Site

Wormminer is a 100% rip-off, guys. Why can I say that? Because this corporate claims that they’re Bitcoin mining in South Korea which is totally ridiculous whilst you imagine is price greater than $26,000 to mine ONE SINGLE BITCOIN is South Korea. Avoid those rip-off cloud mining web pages in any respect price or chance shedding your hard-earned Bitcoin.

Link: Here’s how a lot it prices to mine a unmarried bitcoin to your nation


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  1. Thanks, Sir. You're the only person speaking the truth on the web. I got burned by Sunmining. Who you called out after the exit. Are there any cloud mining farms that are real? and who are they.

  2. Plead Alignment To The Blockchain

    Please bring us content on legit platforms please! Those platforms deserve the spotlight as much as these scam sites do!

  3. Did u get your returns from CCG mining?

  4. Mind checking out and reviewing minerfarm and 1broker? I have achieved 100% ROI with minerfarm, and 1broker looks pretty interesting with the way it allows users to copy experienced traders, I dumped 100$ and copied KaizenTrader and have seen a huge ROI so far.

  5. Good Job! Thanks!

  6. That was a good movie they just make that many good comedy movies like they use to. Just wondering if you can do a review on ICE montain miner

  7. Same boat. Wondering about my hashflare too. After 3 months and over 8 TH bought, I stopped my reinvest on 4/16 and started collecting btc.

  8. i love your video robert:)…what about hasmonster.io?

  9. Hi Robert, please take a second and look into POOH token. It just started and is mooning. Totally transparent US Army Vet developer and I have already doubled my ETH. Just google it, thank me later.


  11. Great video with very informative details no doubt, but still can't believe that they would ever be more trusted and reliable mining strategy for earning crypto to Mr bernard's strategy for mining the crypto market with just 0.2BTC, and he can make more than 1BTC within two weeks of any mining contract. You can contact him for more info (bernardwalters24@outlook.com).

  12. Coindozer loller

    Really a perfect review but there is one thing I need from the chest that is what they do with your money you i dont care because they always get you paid out so lets not call it a scam when they pay you its no scam kind regards

  13. Another great vid. Plz also check out minerfarm.

  14. thanks and please, keep doing these great videos and saving us from these ponzi schemes.

  15. What about world-mining company???

  16. bittttcconnneeecccttttt

  17. Interesting video. Thanks for the info. Invested in the some machines. i been getting payouts. But i am still wondering how long it will last.

  18. Not only scam, that guy in the presentation he is in many different scam platforms ! he just changes his nice shirt and keep on doing scam presentations!
    Thank Robert for the video.

  19. Lol, I love these videos.

  20. Lol did you ever check out minergate it is 30k satoshi right now for 20gh a little high but they do pay higher the they say they do But they are real and not a ponzi Lol

  21. aaaaaand… what about ethcombo CryptoRobert ?


    good friend tank you

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