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Winminer day 5 update mining rigs at home

this can be a day 5 of mining on winminer at my area

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  1. Was that an AR ? Or am I just thinking about guns again..

  2. Dude you get so many views you need to start running ads to help buy new cards! I’ll click your ads so you get even more lol.

  3. Hey Brandon how much was your 1060 rig?

  4. bro mine ubiq u get 3or more ubiq a day and ubiq prices are ganna skyrocket just a tip

  5. Hey Brandon, what is the name of the motherboard on the small rig? I wanna buy spliters but i don't know if they work for me, on that motherboard i have socket 775.

  6. Can you link the splitter?

  7. you make more money in a pool solo

  8. You rock Brandon! Glad you’re having good luck with winminer! I started nanopool mining ethereum after nicehash went down with my 1060 rig and my rx560 rig. Got about 125 bucks so far!!!

  9. I ended up just mining ethereum

  10. I am waiting for winminer to allow me to start mining. When will I get added to the list?

  11. can you take a look at betterhash.net
    I am new and looking for feed back on it, for me at least with one 1080ti I am doing better than win miner, I think it has less fees as it pays out in the particular coin that is being mined
    I think win miner you have more fees

  12. i sent you a DM here on youtube, if you could reply that would be great.

  13. A cheaper way is get a USB 3 pcie thing and plug the risers into that.

  14. hello im got the PSU deeep cool 650 w and 2 x 1060 i thing to put 1 more 1060 will be ok for PSU ? card work on 65% power


    Bro…. why is it when i want to mine with winminner i always got No jobs available, no jobs from server.. i left my pc on waiting for it to mine… when i woke up it still no jobs from server.. 🙁

    i recently tried mining just joined the community… with gtx 1050TI
    how do i make it start mining?

  16. From where did you bought the splitter for video cards?

  17. Brandon can you come over and tell me why my system will only recognize 1 of my Gtx 1060 sc cards 🙁 it wont detect any others.

  18. what brand pcie spltters are you using? also, for logging on to your second computer, you can try teamviewer which lets you remotely access your computers if you set up run on Windows startup

  19. Believe it or not nice hash is bout to start back up in a day or so

  20. Do i require an internet connection??

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