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Why ELECTRONEUM will Give you $30.00 a Month Free

The Electroneum Crowdsale Token Sale (fundraiser)

By quite expanding the mining go back on cellular gadgets we will dramatically build up the viral collection of Electroneum customers, which will build up the worth of Electroneum for all traders.

If cellular miners are in a position to mine Electroneum price USD $30 monthly we will NOT free up any bonus pool. If mining drops under that determine we will free up sufficient to bump cellular mining as much as $30 USD worth monthly.

Why would any person put money into Electroneum?

Blockchain applied sciences and cryptocurrencies are disruptive
and are rising at an exponential price (https://www.

We imagine that Electroneum as a new, simple to get entry to
cryptocurrency, will enchantment to common folks in greater numbers
than we’ve observed with present cryptocurrencies equivalent to Bitcoin and

As such, we expect that Electroneum will have nice enchantment for:
• Long-term holders. Those who want to purchase and dangle
Electroneum for any doable long term worth.

• Cryptocurrency fans wishing to be concerned within the
construction of the following evolutionary step of the virtual coin

Use hyperlink under to BUY BITCOIN and get $10 loose via the usage of the hyperlink under.

https://www.coinbase.com/sign up for/5a6a48a1c89763053f8198e9

BUY ETN ►► http://trck.me/cryptopia

White Paper: http://electroneum.com/overview-white-paper.pdf

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  1. It's a win win.. More so for the telecom companies. We won't go unnoticed this year and years to come. I honestly see huge partnerships in store for electroneum.. Great video!

  2. Thank you for the nice smiley video. Hopefully the mobile mining takes off! I would use this all the time if it helps pay my bills.

  3. Subscribed friend!

  4. Stop pasting that electric sound when u say ETN

  5. Whatever mobile company accept ETN first, I'm switching to it. If I can pay some of my bill with ETN, and some with cash, I'm all in. Because I'm about saving money also.

  6. Checkemlads Testicular cancer

    It won’t be 30 dollars a month it will average 5 dollars

  7. specialforcesnavy

    Good video but the voltage sound effect blew out my ears ever time! (Headphones) please sound balance or stop. Thanks!

  8. Decent vid… Please do drop the sound effects. I'll add to your subscriber list. 🙂

  9. One of the big roadblocks for US users is the tax issue. Currently every time we use crypto it is a taxable event. Need that part of the tax law amended in order for crypto to really be adopted for daily use.

  10. please get rid of that electric sound whenever you mention ETN – awful! Otherwise great vid – thank you for the effort.

  11. I subscribed , #111 my favorite set of numbers lol

  12. Thank you for this video, you're a very pleasant person to listen to. I like the ETN sound effect, it did scare me the first time to be honest, so maybe reducing its volume would be a good idea? Just a thought. Cheers!

  13. Sorry, but the mobile mining app has been a huge disappointment…at least for me.  The hash it shows is in the 3  to 5 range and after four days, I not have 2.72 ETN…up from 2.71 two days ago.  At this rate, it might get to $0.30 per month…not $30.  I own a ton of ETN and will not sell in the near future, but the app which is hooked up to strong wifi all day long appears to be a real dud.  Hopefully, it will get better…much better.

  14. Global Adoption = ETN at $95

  15. You will be amazed at how many subscribers you will have if you keep up these Electroneum videos.

  16. Great video, but that electric zap zap gotta go

  17. I dnt like d sharp sound at d background, wtf was dat?

  18. ETN baby!!!

  19. Maciej Lech Paczkowski

    etn that fak scum…. pool's stil hash !!!!!

  20. im currently in the beta. currently 2196 active miners… that's quite a lot x30 for one month

  21. There is NO mining going on, its a scam, they do not have an upfront explanation to say how they are giving the ETN away sustainably….

  22. lps warrior fan 186

    That $30 number was not hard and fast. It was a projection based on a much smaller number of miners. It's not wise to measure in $ anyway.

  23. Crypto Conversations

    Fascinating video

  24. There will be more Etn circulating daily. Can the price really rise when there is more and more tokens? I have my concerns. what do you think?

  25. Random sound effects quite annoying.

  26. Nice video, but a little more sound effects would make it even nicer!

  27. Richard Ells is brilliant… ETN is only getting bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger…HODL… or buy more

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