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Where to store your bytecoins (wallets}

hope you guys loved this bytecoin video listed below are the hyperlinks to the wallets

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  1. Nice video man.

  2. These guys are fucking gyps. I sent 1000$ on the web wallet for the btc to bcn option and I had the pending timeout problem that so many people are having. I've emailed them 2 times and they're not answering back even though they just recently posted on the sub reddit that they will be manually refunding those who had the problem. Don't get me wrong, I like the project but from what they have put me through these past 2 days it's just stressful as fuck for me and I don't know if I would want to even put money into this again. Messes with my emotions a little bit too cause I see all these people who successfully got theirs and while the price is going up they're hodling it while I have to go through all of this bs..

  3. Between Us, I am suspicious that cryptonator screwed me out of over 20K just a few days ago. When the price of Bcn was 0.12, my 6 digit stack should have been worth 5 digits. But cryptonator Never showed the true value of my portfolio. Wtf. I couldn’t sell or send for days, and had to watch how it dropped back to below a cent. I’m still in plus, but ffs

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