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When Crypto Thunder and Lightening Again? If Ever?

Today we’re going to communicate concerning the cryptocurrency marketplace having a look at some altcoins and speaking concerning the marketplace total.

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  1. check out relex its a super hidden gem http://www.relex.io/

  2. Ranin Zadviylet


  3. Check out RELEX people….They are giving away airdrop after airdrop..DYOR…Not on CMC yet…You've been blessed

  4. Island Hopper TV

    Jeff with Island Hopper TV right here for those you looking for some travel vids.

  5. I can't believe you said you want Sweden to beat England – You best had take that back you scum bag, we are your biggest Ally, hahahaha. And Ripple is going to the moon irrelevant of what any of us wants. It is pairing with banks and will be used as a global currency in the future, so we can either invest now while it is low or wait for it to hit $10 then invest. Most coins are crap and will fail, apart from the likes of Ripple, Cardano and EOS.

  6. Salo movie flashbacks….

  7. cryptos r dead kid . its been going down or runnning sideways gg

  8. Trump is awesome and hussein was useless or even a traitor.

  9. Dr. Ho Lee Phuk

    Be careful. Gingers shouldn't go out in the midday sun.

  10. Jeff when u apply blush, u just apply it to your cheeks, not the entire face : )

  11. Michael Coughlan

    Your videos were better when you didn't stream live. Because you didn't get distracted from your subject by live comments. Now you're all over the place.

  12. Those that talk about Crypto Kitties clogging ETH don't remember when it could take 2 minutes or more to download one .jpg…

  13. as a citizen of Barcelona, I recommend you to go 'cañas and tapas' in blai Street for dinner, 100% recommended!! and also taste voll damm beer!

  14. Good for you pal, travel is the tonic!

  15. Exciting World Cryptos

    Ripple, i agree i hodl them as well, since its all about money right, but still a questionable company, but then again things like this is what makes Crypto so interesting. all well, lets see what happens, thanks for the views and video, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  16. Hey dude, love the vid as always, but your not giving TA the credit that's due. Though TA is not 100% accurate obviously, it can be pretty close most of the time. And lots more goes into it then "looking at a chart."
    Take a look at some 'Chart Vampire' videos. He day trades/swing trades and if you really watch and pay attention, I think it'll blow your mind a little.

  17. Crypto Hidden Gems

    You've got sunburn Jeff

  18. keep it real..

    JEFF….Yes your correct ..research and diversify to find your best top ten coins .so if half fail and the other half 2x..you break even…I would think that would be the worst possible case scenario…

  19. BootsOfLeather

    You look like a young Alex jones.

  20. BootsOfLeather

    Ember went up cause you pumped a shitcoin you got off your feed. You have blood on your hands lol

  21. any thoughts on 0xBitcoin?

  22. Hodl guys. Prediction is hard. It can happen tomorrow, next month, or next year. But one thing is clear. You can buy cheap BTC and cheap altcoin like Onion now.

  23. dennis carroll

    I love Trump

  24. You hope Sweden beat England!!! Really???!!! Seriously!!!!!!! Dude you’ve got sunstroke obviously. Haha

  25. Jeff, you need to visit Marbella….You would love Puerto Banus my friend!

  26. I agree but not sure bush jr wasn't a same piece of s… I don't know, man.im us citizen live here 9 yrs ago. But maybe I see this country from different aspects. Love USA, but how come those motherfuckers who control this army behind the scenes, send our heroes to die against those armies who got trained and supply us tax payers money?isis,al kaida etc?shouldn't we have to do something against this?honestly what we we're looking for in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq,etc?those motherfuckers turned always against us?

  27. Smart man…if you're going to pay taxes on it might as well write a bunch of "research world travel" off…hahaha

  28. Amsterdam Holland

    Ok Jeff so you are travelling around the world. I've seen many coins doing a fork or a swap and the people that don't swap their coins to the new blockchain within a given period of time, loose all their coins or get stuck on the old blockchain. How do you handle that when you are travelling for such a long time?

  29. HarrysontheBarbarian

    You look like shit

  30. Ripple is trying to distance itself from XRP because it doesn’t want XRP branded a security as a centrally controlled asset.

  31. Trump is controlled opposition. Illuminati runs everything.

  32. I was lost in few minutes because you are talking outside box…….You do not have to respond to all comment on live video

  33. If I could change something about my investments is the promising platforms that have no real life use case. When I got into crypto at the end of 2017 I was buying anything and made huge returns but I never sold. I lost lots of money that way. Many people did. Now during this bear market it’s a time to find those gems at low risk. Stop shilling shit platforms look at the use cases and buy the dip at your own risk. One im looking at is involved with the Chinese Gov and by 2020 China plans to track all it’s citizens. This is just and example. Not an expert but open your eyes. Also food and other product tracing is a mejor solution we all know which one is getting shit done and they plan to be #1 without people knowing that they are even using it.

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