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What is XYO Crypto? – Crypto-location Services to Track You on the Blockchain?

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Will XYO Cryptocurrency observe you as you meander round the blockchain?

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Music by way of Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub group member!

Note: This is no longer monetary recommendation as all making an investment is speculative. Have amusing and just right good fortune!

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  2. That shirt is nice AF

  3. appears someone will make $; at this stage it reminds me of a pyramid gamble w/ a technobabble allure.

  4. Just be careful you don't bump into that Porsche with your office chair…..

  5. I use geolocation every day. Google maps! And what about amazon packages and other online retail tracking…i feel this has a massive use for everyone. They are also developing sticker gps location tech for retail packages. The xyo tokens run the xy oracle network so to say they have no use is like saying ethereum has no use either not to mention xyo states main net launch is in October 2018 not in a year. I dont agree with the reviewer at all and feel he literally did no research

  6. I believe you make valid points about the speculative nature of XYO, however, it is obvious to me knowing the industries behind the scenes already investing in research to utilize blockchain technology, mainly the finance world but also Supply Chain logistics and obviously Big Brother would be interested – that BlockChain will likely have a major impact on information technology in our world in the relatively near future, meaning 5-15 years in my opinion. So, I agree XYO isn't something to necessarily get excited about, but I do not ignore the potential and as with all investing – only time will tell. Thanks for the informative narrative.

  7. im just waiting for mimble wimble as my next investment? whos gonna have it out first? that would be a good video mate

  8. Says he's "not uniquely interested in it but ,doesn't know much about it" real professional here

  9. Here's something it will help with AMBER alert!

  10. Thank You for taking the time in sharing your thoughts. I have already encountered an emotional investor that reacted poorly to my opinion that this offering is in no way disrupting anything especially a 11 TRILLION dollar market. Emotions are truly detrimental to anyone looking to invest in any market especially cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This of course is just my opinion. Please continue providing content as I am an information junkie!

  11. tracking in postage. mind blown

  12. It isn't a crypto-coin, it's an extension to a crypto-coin. It is also a scam, run by a guy who owes millions to the IRS in the USA. This guy infected millions of computers, for years, with spyware and adware and hijacked many of our computers, to "get rich", and didn't ever pay his taxes. The devices don't even work. Just read the reviews on amazon or try to find someone who actually has one… "There are millions around the world"… No, people made millions of projects that use bluetooth-RF tracking. None are made by them, nor do they use the network. It is failed software tied to a coin that is tied to another token, tied to another coin.

    I am sure all the ads you see now, are spyware and adware and bot-related, from his team of scamming hackers. The devices are just cheap $2.00 devices from "Spark-fun electronics", and none can do what they say. (But they hope to use millions to find someone who can make them do what they say! After they pay off the IRS debt and the credit cards that are all overdrawn.)

  13. Chavdar Kostadinov

    Hi Peter can you tell as what your opinion is about Apollo Currency (APL).

  14. anyone want to buy my 45 shares in XYO? after buying into this mob all I get is more offers to buy more of their shit. Seriously if you want to buy into them buy my shares!

  15. Liked for the mark of the beast comment lol

  16. They are advertising it as if it will eventually replace GPS!

  17. your a fast reader very good, as far as the X YO if it will allow easy hacking or other illegal possibilities I would not like that. I dont know , but as for me I cant use it.hmm

  18. bmconyoutubification

    Go Noles! I see you.

  19. Mini Cooper and a Lambo – Thats what I got out of this.

  20. Blockchain is the new autotune.

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