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What is BYTOM? BTM Partners W/ Bitmain for ASIC Mineable Asset Transfer Platform

We simply reviewed the Bitmain Antminer B3 and made up our minds that is was once extra winning mining BTM than anticipated . . shall we take a deeper glance into what precisely is this more moderen cryptocurrency known as Bytom. . Lets evaluate What Is BYTOM?

Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon – http://geni.us/WQd7cCs
Bitmain Antminer B3 Miner on Amazon – http://geni.us/VoVAgr

Bytom is it seems that GPU mineable?! – https://goo.gl/xW8W9E
Bytom 8btc / Bitmain timeline – https://goo.gl/agVjXx
Bytom ICO stats referenced Medium – https://goo.gl/McAkSg
What is Bytom BTM Beginner Guide – https://goo.gl/YY4gR2
Bytom Official Website & Wallet Download – https://goo.gl/mavogc
Bytom Official Twitter – https://goo.gl/7NFovm
Bytom Official Facebook – https://goo.gl/GmtqhZ
Bytom Bitcointalk Announcement Thread – https://goo.gl/DWNRCg

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  1. Bytom is apparently GPU mineable?! – https://goo.gl/xW8W9E + https://goo.gl/39YtRJ
    Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon – http://geni.us/WQd7cCs
    Bitmain Antminer B3 Miner on Amazon – http://geni.us/VoVAgr
    VoskCoin Discord Server Invite – https://discord.gg/FGGmS2z

  2. It can go lower. Just like how everyone said 8k BTC was the floor and that cracked. Bear markets are pretty rough. Just hope for the best and plan for absolute shit storm and you should come out okay.

  3. Bytom are hinting in their github website that a GPU miner could be created. The C++ code it on there on how to implement a CPU miner. It just needed to be converted to GPU libraries and optimised. I read the whitepaper and as the algorithm in bytom is sha3 and scrypt with some matrix making too, it looks like it took someone in the know not to long to whip it up

  4. ouch… draw something on your face until that grows back 🙂
    i'm trying to stay serious here… don't let that trimmer anywhere near Tails!

  5. Wouldn't have noticed the brows if you hadn't mentioned it.

  6. so basically it's an asic friendly raven coin? no thanks

  7. bytom got delisted from Binance im was wondering why but here i see why

  8. Unless you look for it, the eyebrow is unnoticeable. The gpu takeover thing is funny!

  9. i bet tails like "bite 'em" 😉

  10. Tails looks healthy! Congrats bro!

  11. Funny Guy T.V.

    What happened to the z9 mini price drop and new release date is that batch 2?

  12. I'm no cryptographer wish I was no i am just a regular what the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's would regard as a pain in the ass to their vision of world order but that''s another topic.
    Mining by my understanding is constantly in evolutionary flux and GPU's are more flexible cause of its software dependency better still AMD's are hardware bios up-gradable handy for difficultly increases (much like Reserve Bank Interest rate hikes) to buy time for AMD's new release or should I say next model .
    But ASICS much like cars cost more to buy at the start are locked on a single algorithm and when the difficultly level goes up they are unable to adapt to keep your profit margins as before without buying more and not only at that they loose value even more value than a Holden or a Ford when the next model comes out.

  13. Just finished testing the btm gpu miner on my 1080ti, seems getting 150h/s like 1050ti, nvidia-smi showing only 40-50% gpu utilization and 200M video memory consumption.

  14. Gregory Chlosta

    What is BYTOM ? Bytom is it a City in Poland 🙂

  15. Ehh… Bitmain has ripped off alot of people. If they are in cahoots with someone my opinion would be that they can't be trusted.

  16. I bet all my bitcoin, at some point, Bitmain will put Tensority chips into all Antminers to increase their shelf life. Might require a firmware upgrade to activate but it will be there. Somehow Bitmain is going to make money off ASICs that no longer can produce a profit from mining.

  17. Grow a beard son.

  18. I think at this point you should roll with it. Next video get some angry eyebrows off amazon, or happy ones if its a happy video. lol great vid. keep em coming

  19. U Have Miss Vosk, But Make Appt. W/Salon I Hope To Soon Resume a Chick Cutting My Hair… Quality Is Better, She’s Hotter & (Hint) Slouch as She Jack’s U Up, Then Sit Norm 😉

  20. Homie, you wanna see a shit, unintuitive wallet? Check out Pascal's wallet. Garbage compared to any other wallet (>.>)

  21. Hi. It would be really helpful if you could do a video of how to install the Bytom is wallet. Mine is not synching and is producing addresses starting 'sm' rather 'bm'. A step by step guide on how to install for Windows 10 would be very helpful.

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