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Full Bitcoin Episode: Saturday third February 2018

What is bitcoin? What is bitcoin mining and the way can I am getting in at the blockchain revolution? What are cryptocurrencies and the way are they converting the arena? That is what the second one episode of the Michael Valmont Podcast (MVP EP #2) is all about. I used to be blown away by means of what each those guys needed to say about bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency global. Stay tuned.

We sit down down with two professionals within the box of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks.com (training and wealth control company who advise on cryptocurrencies)

Shaabi Mohamed, Founder of BlueCore Token and owned more than one mining rigs.

Both have spend years within the blockchain, bitcoin house studying and advising shoppers and companies.

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  1. Stop. Don't talk about bitcoin

  2. Why don't you make a documentary/talk about tamagotchies too, if you're already on the track of old hypes. ✌️

  3. Just put your money in index funds it's much safer, biggest one you can say is the SnP500 however it's best you wait for it to drop. or a strong stock like Boeing. BTC is complicated however with happen happen BCME, hedge fund managers and CME prices may jump back up to 20k next month after the Luna new year.

  4. why the dislikes? am i missing something…


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    maaf aku tidak begitu lancar bahasa ingris karena aku seorang java Indonesia. l am can understand about Intel thanks so much my best friend forever l am like this.

  7. Hang around the Dark Web for a while. You'll learn something about bitcoins.

  8. I'm new to Bitcoin and looking to buy the dip. Which Bitcoin is the best to buy out of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Segwit?

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