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Waves Smart Contracts | How Do They Work?

Waves is an exhilarating challenge within the crypto area! Waves platform gives some attention-grabbing sides to their sensible contracts. I sought after to percentage what I discovered about Waves with you guys and speak about the ins & outs in their sensible contracts. Enjoy.


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  1. Been watching WAVES for a while. When doing these vlogs can you help us understand who else is in the same space? ie who is their biggest competition and what stage of development are they at? Do they have any real world examples of their code at work?
    Thanks for the info and sharing your comments.


  3. God bless me! As I please the Zilliqa – token. I want to invest in it all my savings! And they also have a generous airdrop https://airdropnews.pro/zilliqacoin

  4. Good information about Waves smart contracts! Wondering what you think of Apollo? Perhaps a video on that.

  5. Artificialo Stylexd

    Still don't understand how underrated this channel is. You cover a wide range of quality projects as opposed to other channels that cover the same 3 shit coins every video because they know the huge fanboy community will click

  6. YES get Sasha on the mic!

  7. Atomic swaps will be used to make trustless gateways between the Waves blockchain and other blockchains. So for example; you will be able to trade any crypto on the Waves DEx without having to trust a centralised party with your funds. It will be a game changer for the Waves decentralised exchange, making it truly decentralised.

  8. Love the non-Turing-complete approach Waves is taking which I think is the way to go.
    If you're in to smart contracts and their functionality, you should check out livecontracts.io
    They have a very different approach to blockchain contracting and already have a working product.
    Interesting times ahead!

  9. Yahonus Crypto

    Please speak on Apollo sir

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