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US Dollar Causing Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run?! – Crypto Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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Is the US Dollar inflicting a Bitcoin (BTC) bull run?! Let’s speak about this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical research (TA) + present marketplace information on nowadays’s video!

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Disclaimer: The content material coated on this video/are living circulation is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are best my very own private reviews, concepts, charts, technical research (TA), insights, information and value predictions. Always do your individual analysis and best make investments only primarily based by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to put money into and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or some other form of cryptocurrency is terribly prime possibility and the marketplace can crash at any time! This video/are living circulation is solely for leisure functions best!

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  1. Can we have a link for the USD chart please? Moon em up!

  2. Meh…top projects will have another bubble. Not sure why alts wouldn't follow bitcoin on the way up.

  3. Bitcoin will be the leader of the pack, but I believe Alts will follow (not all, but definitely quite a few).

  4. This is a dead cat bounce for crypto and the dollar should go to new highs soon….. I believe. How come you shift sentiment so fast from Bearish to bullish on crypto? Maybe you just became "James at the water-cooler"? 😀
    Just kidding!

  5. Thanks Kirbs! one of the only tubers that i take seriously with ta!

  6. Thanks Kirbs! I think we're being set up for a bull trap. JMO.

  7. Smashed the like button, smashed the desk, smashed the wife. Let's get this crypto.

  8. Smashed the like.

  9. dxy head and shoulders …..

  10. we are at the crossroad … bitcoin or gold …

  11. Look at that weekly equilibrium. It's going to dictate what the rest of the year looks like.

  12. BUT KIRBYYYY! I already FOMO'd! Its going to the Moon Kirbyyyyyyy

  13. Keep up the great work and Thank you.

  14. Excellent video. Thanks from the UK , where more and more people are waking up to Bitcoin. I've just subscribed.

  15. There people that will lose if bitcoin goes under 6000 there miner that will lose it can't go below

  16. We should be thriving in this bear market, you say? Oh boy, no… I've lost all my gains… Over and over.

  17. Eth experienced a really nice 20+% jump. I fomoed in like a noob. But then I got my senses back and sold my position at break even. The price broke through and held support at the exponential moving averages on the 1 and 6 hour charts but on the one day it’s still holding resistance. If it can break through and hold support then I’ll probably open a long position in eth if the other indicators are good. I’ll probably be missing out on a few percentage points but IMO after going to rekt city a few times recently I’d rather not lose any more than I already have. Thanks kirbs for keeping it real!

  18. Thanks for the content and real perspective on the market. I'm not a trader, but I've taken into consideration a lot that you have said in the past and it's helped me to not FOMO in during these last months. Keep it up!

  19. To the moon kirbs

  20. It's time many of the alt coins die, it was nothing more than a cash grab with no substance behind the tech.

  21. BTC just looks like its going to form another lower high, and then several days of going down. I think it will take some compelling news to break the progressive stair case down. For which there just doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon. I don't even think the etf decision will jolt much of a reaction. We all know that the future of btc has institutional money in it. That sentiment is probably already built in. The USD consideration is big. But also very slow moving.

  22. Hey I have a weird question, who will do the mining when there is no longer a bitcoin reward for hash? Will bitcoin die? Not like I will live to see that day I was just curious.

  23. Kirby where is the 3rd person, playing devil's advocate today.

  24. This falls into what i was kind of expecting. Last year the insane uptick in the bull market really started around October. I remember in early September BTC dipped but started going up towards the middle-end of the month. The alts didn't really go nuts until after Thanksgiving. But they were going up in spurts for most of the second half of the year. Im not saying its going to play out exactly like last year. But I wouldn't be surprised if the market turned around between now and the beginning of October. The dollar will be the catalyst.

  25. You are right Kirby,For us in other countries Bitcoin becomes cheaper when the Dollar slumps against our currency

  26. Previous days you told all the time that we break down 6k, now you change your speach that we could have a bull run. What happen with you?

  27. Dxy RSI is divergent ,that's bearish

  28. People have said everything six ways from Sunday about what will succeed and what will fail. I don't think that a new crop of ICOs will come in and supplant the projects that are already well underway. Many of them have made significant progress and have first mover status.
    More likely than anything that the same trend, with the alts following the lead of bitcoin, will continue as usual. I do have a good feeling about the future, but I think your doomsayer prediction for all the alts is just as silly as the doomsayers who say that one of the altcoins (not tokens) will supplant bitcoin as king of the hill. There will be movers both upwards and downwards for sure. But saying that all the alts will go away, or that bitcoin will be made obsolete by some more ingenious coin are both ridiculous propositions and are usually forwarded by people who have their money invested in the side they want to win.
    I would say, invest big in the biggies, but also play a little with the ones who have so much room to grow. Have fun with it.

  29. im a average joe. how do i become savage joe. would paying 1 btc(6500USD) to be your VIP help?

  30. Bear trap lol

  31. Dang. I really expected bitcoin to break 6500. It held for an hour about from what I remember. I watched it minute to minute whole time.

    Dead cat bounce I suppose? Now we're holding @6400.

    Really thought dollar going down would help bitcoin burst, but, oh well.

  32. What do you think about Apollo?

  33. Dead cat bounce, its the deal.

  34. Newb question here:. How do I short Bitcoin?? Specifics please (i.e. platform, what financial products & any links to learning resources etc. on shorting). Thanks in advance!

  35. Do I really need to deposit $10,000 into a trading account to start trading?

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