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Tron (TRX) HUGE Partnership! *LEAKED PROOF* Tron Expected to Jump to $15.48 After Announcement!?

Tron (TRX) Huge Partnership! *LEAKED PROOF* Tron Expected to Jump to $15.48 After Announcement!?

In todays video, I speak about Tron and the brand new evidence that Tron might be including eight+ new partnerships to the lengthy record of tron partnerships. I communicate in regards to the fresh Tron Main Net replace and the way this will likely have an effect on the cost of the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) shifting foward and a potentional of tron being added to coinbase. I’m going over my Tron value prediction and move over how I feel tron will moonhot in 2018! I additionally communicate in regards to the Tron coin indepence day that would ship the cost of TRX to the moon! I additionally communicate in regards to the conceivable Alibaba and Tron partnership!

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**DISCLAIMER**: It’s not that i am a monetary marketing consultant nor am I giving monetary recommendation. I’m sharing my biased opinion based totally off hypothesis. You will have to now not take my opinion as monetary recommendation. You will have to at all times do your analysis prior to making any funding. You will have to additionally perceive the dangers of making an investment. This is all speculative based totally making an investment.

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  2. Holy shit, this kid back at it again…Please..stop. Literally the definition of trash content on Youtube, especially concerning crypto.

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    Please send me some of the crack your smoking.

  4. Unsubbed , stop your ridiculous predictions that literally make no sense, spreading the good word is fine , tired of seeing these stupid prices

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    we're all trying to make some money for retirement , lambos etc… but seriously. Shill

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    I already did before you even said that statement.

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  8. Definition of Fomo is you

  9. 100 billion supply, $15.48 price lmao, that's like what 1.548 Trillion USD Market Cap, No way, unless they burn a shit ton of their supply.

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  12. $15.48? Cant even hit .48 and hold that price. Congratulations on the views you get though.

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  14. Awesome part from your end, it's always nice to hear from you.
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  15. You must own a lot of Tron. Sounds like you are trying to pump Tron. Tron is not going over .20 anytime soon.

  16. Shut the fuukkk up this is all useless unless btc goes up . Why do y’all even listen to this kid.

  17. You must own a lot of Tron. Sounds like you are trying to pump Tron. Tron is not going over .15 anytime soon. Tron is the king of fomo.

  18. Justin Sun has overdone news about the coin. It's crying wolf. News, news, and more news price never goes anywhere.

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  26. Crypto Investing

    your the reason why i dont believe in tron anymore… Tron is a hype coin. The only way to loose money with tron is to hodl for the hope to get to 18.99 lol it top will be 0.10 cent @ most XD

  27. Sooo… you think that $15.48 TRX value is realistic within the near future? Why not? Thats only 4 TIMES BIGGER than the ENTIRE crypto market cap to date !!

    The truth is… that internet marketers have proven that using specific numbers in headlines garners more viewers, and a $15.48 TRX price requires EXACTLY,….a market cap of $1,017,780,768,265 . An impossibly specific prediction.

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