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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Investments for 2018! BTC, ETN, & BWK!

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  1. Happy New Years!

  2. You got a new follower 😀

  3. It is not Electro-NEEEum. It is Electro-NEum

  4. My LTC address LcxggtF4bqVgpnRWYz9ciyzDhnFgPabJ5Y
    I love watching your videos! my twitter @infinityone25

  5. Happy New Year!

  6. Gratz Ryan! I'm hoping for an Einsteinium turnaround, hopefully soon.

  7. balázs sárközi

    Let me buy bwk reak quick, thanks ryan! @cryptobalage

  8. Thanks bro !
    i'm also believe in BTC
    LTC : LcaFxHSRPgwEvpTAPw3GBiFMH4fBpM1WvE
    twitter : @ismailpc93

  9. Richard Gannaway

    Bulwark does sound really promising, thanks for the video! LU9gsuaUhw8r2Wh8JuJRtQFqpSYwrnSRTb @rickswoodcraft

  10. hello. i bought some bwk because it was a little late for zcoin .i hope it will have the same road.

  11. Love your videos mate.. keep it up.. my turn to win..!



  12. Mrblanco340


    Great video!!

  13. Great video! Happy new year! LVKjAspGwN9PrYzvsst8VT7eQCPU27WJqz
    Twitter name is @JasmineTheG

  14. Great video!
    Hope i win the giveaway.
    Will bitcoin stay at $!3k?
    Thankyou!! @Jykeehl


  15. What do you think about davorcoin?
    Is it good or bad? hmm.
    Thankyou for the giveaway.
    Keep up the great work


  16. Hey, what do you think about ripple?
    Its rushing to the top.


  17. Do think litecoin will reach 500$?
    And what do you think about blockchain right now?
    Thanks. Keep up the great work.


  18. gravuillio shiolie

    hey thanks for this video hope to win your give away
    where can i invest litecoin by the way ?
    im wondering if there is any ? lending site#
    where i can growth my litecoin ?

  19. you think bitcoin will pull out its last
    high price ? bitcoin price right now really annoy me
    its too low i dont know how to start investing


  20. i just make my twitter acc.
    in order to participate xD im not really a
    fans of twitter well now i think i should check
    some of yuor video tweets in future keep it man
    and thanks for this apportunity

  21. hey thanks for giving me a chance to win 😀



  22. when is the hashflare contract will expire?
    can i but hashflare using litecoin ?
    ireally want to try mining in hashflare the thing is
    im afraid that when i made an active mining their contract
    is already run out — any advice sir ? thanks in advance



  23. cherry danile gobson

    what will be your top coin this 2018 ?
    is it gonna change or you still stick
    to your 2017 fav.coins ?

  24. Great video!
    Hope i win the giveaway.
    Will bitcoin stay at $!3k?
    Thankyou!! @Jykeehl


  25. Strongly agree with you as I have also bought 10k ETN in the recent dip and hoping for some big gains over it this year!

  26. Congrats on the baby and the house dude. All these I'll be investing for term ❤

  27. Yes ELECTRONEUM is an absolute bargain at the moment, those that bother to sign up to cryptopia and buy some are in for a crazy ride once ETN hits the other exchanges.

  28. Bradyapba Trades

    Nice Sox hat, you in New England?

  29. Bulwark BWK looks awesome! I´m reading about 3 Days in this coin, like the Whitepaper, about the Masternode and Staking (passive income). On Discord the team is very helpful and seems they work hard for this project. I like also a lot the little supply 🙂 think 2018 would be a successful year for this one.

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