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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Charts Review – Live

Quick replace at the best 10 cash (or so…). Alts were on hearth right here and BTC is pulling in somewhat. Where can we pass subsequent?

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  1. Another great video

  2. Thanks for the stream!

  3. Product Reviews By Scorpion Cat

    Your thoughts on Electroneum ETN? Anyone?

  4. Dr Catriona Franks ryan

    #BTS (Bitshares) is by far the most promising investment.  It will create millionaires in 2018.

  5. Your the BEST node!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bcash scam coin is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin BTC is the only independent decentralized coin and true store of value that is not owned by a company or under government control.


  8. Should I wait to buy bitcoin and with it Lisk, or should I buy sooner rather than later?

  9. Hi Node! Love the analysis!

  10. neo?

  11. it's like watching silver manipulation, slow climb, slam, repeat

  12. Shawn's Silver Stacking

    BTC is horrible when the fees per transactions are just ridiculous, watch BCH or the other alts eventually take over.

  13. I'd say Neo vs BTC is still on a pretty clear downtrend.

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  15. Menu:
    7:18 Ethereum
    12:00 Bitcoin Cash
    14:45 Litecoin
    16:25 Ripple
    18:15 IOTA
    20:00 Dash
    21:48 NEM
    23:17 Monero
    25:20 Bitcoin Gold
    27:20 Cardano ADA
    29:30 EOS
    31:20 NEO
    36:00 QTUM
    37:16 Omise GO OMG
    39:35 TenX PAY
    41:38 Zcash

  16. Hey Node! Thanks for your videos and insights on the charts! Really appreciate it!
    If you were to set a STOP/LIMIT order to purchase BTC, what would you think would be an entry price? Just trying to pick on your thought, if you will. Appreciate in advance!

  17. thank you for constant update! 😀

  18. Luxottica Illusion of choice

    Thanks! Which coins do you think will be added to Coinbase in early 2018? Thanks

  19. Luxottica Illusion of choice

    Please mention something about Power Ledger! THanks

  20. Everything tanks, MANA explodes!

  21. Hey @Node Investor, you're really the best person to follow. I am benefiting from your comments without paying anything but I kindly have a complaint. You generally not around on most critical times when I rarely don't know what to do and need advice and you don't comment as much as you were doing in the past about possible worst-case and best-case scenarios (and their likelihood) in case of uncertainties. I know the market is a bit crazy since a while and it is hard to comment but I would like to encourage you to be more courageous in making those as you were before. Lastly, you are great!!! Thank you very much, I really benefit from your videos.

  22. HTML COIN <3 :)) very undervalued 🙂

  23. I found an excellent bitcoins exchange platform and that is @furcoins.com

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