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TOKIA— forever free cryptocurrency exchange! ICO

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Tokia.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokia_ico
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TOKIA/
Telegram: https://t.me/tokiaio
It is the brand new technology blockchain era adaptation for probably the most handy cryptocurrency conversion for every and everybody. It will will let you acquire Bitcoin without difficulty, additionally all kinds of alternative cryptocoins and tokens. All of them may well be simply transformed to FIAT cash.

Best of all — Tokia debit card will will let you pay for the rest any place on this planet the usage of your blockchain based totally currencies with none guide change important.

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  1. Available in the US?

  2. This video is pretty misleading. I can transfer BTC straight to my Bitpay card and convert it to fiat for spending in a few minutes.

  3. If I wanted to shop at a merchant that doesn’t take crypto currencies which is like 99% of businesses, i would just use my debit or credit card anyways. You act like I have 100% of my money in crypto….. who gets rid of all their fiat? Terrible newbie investors I guess?…….

  4. his is pretty cool. So futuristic!

  5. Great job! I already use a btc debit card that does a similar work, but it only supports bitcoin classic 🙂 if tokia can support 50 types of crypto it will be a must-have for all miners and traders or crypto currencies owners in general



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  8. So if it is mobile, why don't you guys have an app in the Google Play Store? Also, you should develop your own E320C compatible wallet that TOK coin purchasers can download and install right from your page. These things should have been worked out prior to your ICO going live. I was ready to buy some today until I heard if I transfered my TOK purchase to my Coinbase Ethereum Wallet that I would most likely lose my entire purchase.

  9. How is your token used?

  10. its fake……..website is going to be close after few days…..:((

  11. Hashflare mining,one of the best place to mine: https://hashflare.io/r/B3D0288B

  12. I just bought $546 worth. I just can't pass this up. If it works out, this is game changing. Help a brother out and use my referral link to sign up if you decide to join in also! http://wallet.tokia.io/Referal/770


  14. There is no support, I I hv Trf ETH to their address, no reply, can 't find them in telegram, no body there

  15. SCAM!! holy shit it’s a fucking scam people!! Just do your research and you will learn you do not need any of this shit.

  16. Already invested 68k.

  17. its scam ICO. beaware.. no support.. website is with not many options. i have sent 0.001 bTC no way i can buy with fewer coins

  18. Contabeis Erivan

    Is this a scam?

  19. https://ltcminer.io/435018

    NOT A SCAM I MAKE 0.04LTC A DAY. Ig me twitter me follow guys

  20. Is it just me or did they say fenomenal inconvenient everyday use? If its inconvenient, why would i use it? Wut?

  21. Scam, some team members left this scam-project, compare team lists before and now!

  22. I’m waiting for someone to come out with a card that’ll handle all the coins 1500+

  23. Crypt Alpha Trading

    Pump that shit coin!

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