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Titanium Blockchain SCAM!? Cryptocurrency Regulations and MORE in Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, we discuss what is going down in the sector of crypto and blockchain generation.
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SEC Investigates ‘Blockchain Evangelist’ Michael Stollaire, Titanium Bar Scam

SEC Investigates ‘Blockchain Evangelist’ Michael Stollaire, Titanium Bar Scam

SEC Obtains Emergency Order Halting Fraudulent Coin Offering Scheme

UK Financial Watchdog Opens Investigations into Crypto Businesses

UK Financial Watchdog Opens Investigations into Crypto Businesses

Financial Conduct Authority

Our Business Plan 2018/19

Russian Research Paper Proposes That Cryptocurrencies Are Not Currently A Threat To Global Financial Stability

Russian Research Paper Proposes That Cryptocurrencies Are Not Currently A Threat To Global Financial Stability

Russian State Duma Almost Unanimously Approves First Reading of Crypto Industry Bill

Russian Central Bank Research Paper

Paxos Secured $65mln Of Investments

Paxos Secured $65mln Of Investments



Paxos Continues Growth of Modern Settlement Platform with $65M Series B Funding

Paxos Now Authorized By New York’s Department of Financial Services to Offer Bankchain Precious Metals Platform

Paxos Now Authorized By New York’s Department of Financial Services to Offer Bankchain Precious Metals Platform

Blockchain and cryptocurrency startup Paxos raises $65 million

Spanish Congress Approves Innovation-Focused Regulatory Legislation

Spanish Congress Approves Innovation-Focused Regulatory Legislation

European Commission launches the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

El Congreso pide por unanimidad favorecer con nuevas leyes los angeles tecnología Blockchain


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  1. yes I bought 1 eth worth. And yes I was a believer and I am frugal in my ICO purchases VERY disappointed!!!! Yes the big selling point was the businesses they were "involved" with. UGH The best investment I did make was GVT yay !!!

  2. bar coin scam but not tbar scam

  3. Michael Stollaire will be behind bar’s (pun intended)

  4. Владимир Мартя

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  5. Andres Olimpo Tamayo

    Greed and Jealousy WILL ALWAYS GET YOU, Great Info and Video Like Always, Thanks Man, Altcoin Buzz The Best By Far, Peace

  6. Holy crap. Glad I didn't get into it.

  7. Andres Olimpo Tamayo

    CryptoCurrency the Real Euro of the Future for Europe, Crypto to The Rescue, Peace

  8. Mannymanny Lolo

    Michail is a rat

  9. Got burned. Badly. Saw the writing on the wall at 13c. Sold at a loss but recovered a fraction of my initial investment

  10. audie harrison

    This news is already two days old now.

  11. I ve dealt with FCA in the last few years dealing with unregulated property trust funds.. One thing I can say is that they are through but underfunded so they are forced to prioritize cases according to the strength of evidence they can gather.

  12. TonyLittleNutz

    HitBTC continued to sell BAR tokens after they were hacked the first time. HitBTC was informed Titanium Blockchain was hacked and they still continued to sell worthless tokens. All the other exchanges stopped selling these tokens once they were informed of the hack. DO NOT TRUST HITBTC !! They also have the absolute highest fees to transfer your coins and tokens off of their exchange. Sometimes 40% of the tokens you want to transfer. They are the worst exchange out there.

  13. Nebula ai NBAI. EXRN ZCO

  14. What about all the partners they had. Are they scams too?

  15. He was possibly behind the original bar theft, thus prompting the move to Tbar!

  16. Fuck Matt clear your cache and cookies. Sick of seeing that stupid ad of that Asian slut wanting crypto.

  17. Видео-Ряд

    What's the point to go mining? It is possible just to buy the necessary coin in advance and wait)) I have received free coins from Odyssey airdropnews.ru/odyssey-plus It is said to be a very perspective coin; it can repeat the NEO's fate and make 100 X-es. Could it be that you will earn so much in mining?

  18. I looked up that business address that was listed on that titanium ico website and it was some crappy apartment in LA! Lol I didn't buy any tokens

  19. gotta be stupid to have invested in Titanium, this project had so many red flags…. and I always thought the KYC 'accredited investor' laws were ridiculous, but I guess they are not….

  20. Smokn Auxotroph - Nitro855gaming

    Kill him.

  21. Buy Zilliqa while the going is good) It will really strongly increase! freetokens.online/zilliqa-airdrop in their airdrop you can receive some freebee 😉

  22. Luis Augusto Lemos

    Does anyone knows if we can do anything with our TBAR tokens? Seems like Titanium assets were blocked by US government, if so, is there any possibility of recover the loss?

  23. 젯조JetJo Gaming

    Tradove B2Bcoin BBC is the only legit project out there that is axtually useful imo. It will jit major exchanges in june and it will go to moon it alrrady went up 100% recently

  24. CryptoAce Emmert

    Did anyone not double check his ridiculous claims of being partnered with all Intel, Microsoft, when he said that I shy d away from investing then when block cats developer was talking about the same model stoleir was mentioned and he said never heard of him. That made me run like hell

  25. Michael Steal-Liar will be behind TBARS….. So sad…. I wonder if ETN is suspicious since they introduced him to many YTbers.


  27. How do you not know you are gonna get caught being so public trying to scam?! It's like walking into the police station with drugs. You are going to get caught if in the USA. wth.

  28. Khadem Hossein

    Titanium and electroneum are same shitt scam coins

  29. william Richard

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  30. hey admin i am. no web developer or designer nothing in software but plz try make your web site softer on eyes.. This is positive not hating i just want one go to source for all great news…. (see toshitimes dot com)

  31. Really sucks, Unfortunately I also fell for this ICO. Let’s see what happens

  32. davis agughalam

    Regulations can be good or bad. On the good side, I hope they come in to curb illegal market manipulations holding down prices. Another area of the regulations is interest in transactions. That's when i think privacy coins like Deeponion will show what they are really worth. With features like stealth addresses and Deepsend offering untraceable transactions, they will be worth a fortune because everybody will want privacy away from regulations.

  33. Steve Christodoulou

    got screwed, I hope he rots in jail, lost money for what?

  34. Steve Christodoulou

    Investors in the Titanium ICO who believe they may be a victim should contact the SEC through http://www.SEC.gov/tcr and reference SEC v. Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, Inc., et al., Civil Action No. 18-4315 (C.D. Cal.).

  35. I am all for some limited regulation as it would bring in more investors.

  36. Bag holders are fucked like all unlucky hodlers. Got to take those profits when you can and stop being emotional with this shit.

    No more ICOs, fuckers can get venture capital like everyone else.

  37. Wanna cool aitimobile, a beautiful girl with big boobs? Invest in ICO Telegram while the going is good http://www.x-crypto.info/icotelegram

  38. Олег Монастырский

    Please make the review on the Zilliqa-token! I received 20 thousand coins from their distribution of freetokens.online/airdrop-zil It is interesting for me should I sell them now or it is better to wait for its growth?

  39. Well I made 4x way back in january so thanks tbarconnect!

  40. Screw me…. hoping this fucker will be locked up for as long as long possible

  41. Sold TBAR for small profit, still have BAR, but they're useless after fork.. Thank God I realized something wasn't right and sold off my TBAR before it tanked. No bags! I hope Michael Stollaire gets what he deserves from the SEC.

  42. I'll raise my hand. I lost money. Dont blame anyone for my lost. Any chance for a class action down the road.

  43. It amazes me how people in crypto are against gov and regulations but when they get scammed they crying and want gov to put scammer in jail hoping for refund.
    Due diligence and dyor wont save you, scammers will always outsmart investors.
    I know a few people who left the space because they got scammed, people get burnt and word spreads, new money stop flowing in

    Question is do you want completely free market or you want gov to regulate crypto?

    Even if us gov regulates it what stops icos to register in some carribean country where they can get away with anything?

    Do icos even sell these days, i havent invested in one since december and tbh i dont plan to, in bear market every ico drops below ico price

  44. so what will happen to ppl who still hold TBAR?

  45. Lost $1500 on titanium……guys beware…..my lesson stay in Top 20….

  46. Travelingman 1980

    Be calling TBIS a scam for months, was banned from all their social media, hope the guy gets rapped in jail. Blockchain Chic should be dumped in jail too, along with a Richard.

  47. i was scammed, unfortunately….i believed in this project…fucking Stolaire

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