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This machine makes more than your mama’s rent – Antminer Z9 Mini

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I examined out the Antminer Z9 Mini lately. Overclocking was once simple and the effects glance excellent!

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Giveaway information – remark with maximum quantity of likes wins some unfastened BCH. Winner shall be selected finish of subsequent month. You do not have to put up BCH cope with – I will be able to ask for it from the winner.

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  1. Can I buy It now.
    Is it still profitable today??
    Please reply me..

  2. Daniel Janković

    Oprem dobro

  3. The instrumentals are hard af on this video. I need a source

  4. is that why the bitcoin went down because you got a z9 antminer lol

  5. Bitmain = Bitscam. Do not trust them. You will loose your money.

  6. whats it make now bout 2 bucks MINING IS DEAD

  7. this is amazing video, what are the requirements or procedure to start mining bitcoin?

  8. Someone mine $0.75 in 9days with the photocopy of that machine I don't want to tag him here

  9. which setup n coin can get you the fastes ROI ?

  10. RyanWake bradtelle

    You should buy a miner solely dedicated to donating money to your fans, say for example I'm $8, 000 machine makes $250 a month , and you gave all of that money to all of your fans that commented #something and a address. It would really only cost you the electricity and it would significantly boost your fan base.

  11. RyanWake bradtelle

    Say for example someone made a sketchy Asic that was siphoning off coin, 6 months later someone figured out that this was happening and no one bought from them anymore, except it didn't matter because they already sold off all of their units.

    is there a way of preventing an Asic from accessing the internet other than the Bitcoin Network/ wallet websites.

  12. my antminer gone picketrally due to labor dispute

  13. 0.2$ cents kwh???

  14. 13333….. LOL

  15. How loud it is? How much decibel it create?

  16. S M Babris Lashari

    stay away from my mom

  17. I like Bitcoin showering in bch

  18. Well I found free $3152a money making system that is really working for me>>>getpplcash.win/?IEC4sU Woow amazing….thanks.

  19. Stupid title

  20. how do you shut down that shit?

  21. Great video m8 may i ask the best pool to work together with a s9?

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