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The next bitcoin gold rush may be brewing in the last place you’d expect

Whether you’re using the Bitcoin wave or really feel you ignored out on the gold rush, blockchain evangelists say to not worry; there’s a good larger funding alternative round the nook and it’s taking grasp in a few of the last puts you could expect. In CNBC’s new unique documentary, “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust,” anchor Melissa Lee transports audience to a type of rising markets: Khayelitsha, South Africa.

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  1. Татьяна Заяц

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  2. This is a problem that Electroneum will solve.

  3. cnbc is a fake news agency bullshit

  4. Thats how stealler mass adoption will begin

  5. Huh blockchain bitcoin is the only thing that makes blockchain worth saying the word

  6. i wonder those times when computer or internet was not available to most of the world even in us and europe……… talking anout 60s and 70s……. how did we survive then??? how did people get money????


  8. PreciousMetalinvest

    The best coin for them is ONT Ontology as you earn dividends equating to around 6% interest a year and the price is low at the moment

  9. This was great, I caught the episode earlier this week. The only add I would suggest is to include the outlook or future use of Blockchain technology.

  10. Perfect fit for Electroneum…

  11. ETN!

  12. Robert Roszkowski

    There is a Youtuber who put together a CNBC Stock & Crypto Coin Predictor that was 90% ACCURATE if you BET OPPOSITE to CNBC!! Be aware that someone is benefiting from these so called 'INNOCENT' segments on the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum when prices are either PUMPED up [DON'T BUY or SELL immediately] in prediction OR they are telling you an asset class is dead on arrival [then you should be BUYING].

  13. Fiat is still king, even when sent with bus.

  14. ….into crypto to save the world…LOL….tag !

  15. SureRemit, built on Stellar, has just released an app offering fee-less remittances. You're welcome 🙂 SureRemit! SureRemit!

  16. One/Crypto/Revolutionary

    Crypto will establish in poor countries first. Developed countries will be last most likely.

  17. Hold Your Corner

    Research TELCOIN, this is exactly the issue they are looking to solve. They have partnerships in place with a huge African telecom operator, and you will be able to send crypto via smart & feature phones. even by sms

  18. Bitcoin transaction rate is too low to help Africa. And lightning network really isn't bitcoin anymore. May as well use Ripple or Stellar


  20. Kapesi Entreprises

    great show cnbc. l hope you will bring more shows like this.

  21. Heinz Schumacher

    I expected it all the time… One day this people will overtake the bitcoin banning countrys

  22. Ripple and XRP all the way!!!

  23. Btc is great until you are waiting more than 2 days for your transactions to validate…… #xrpthestandard

  24. well ripple products is the solution and XRP COIN

  25. It a great vid! Am surprised that these guys don't have Mpesa (mobile money) which has made Kenya a hotbed! For us to transition to crypto will be a whole lot easier!

  26. GodsIlluminatedOne


  27. I call bullshit, this is totally staged. Mobile banking in South Africa is among the most sophisticated in the world, for obvious reasons of course. There are dozens of options available to send money for incredibly low fees. I am disappointed in the journalism here and the Uber dude, why would he allow himself to be used like that.

  28. Ian needs to use Stellar Lumens. Fast and very cheap. It's only costs cents to send money.

  29. I love how every shitcoin bag holder, who is down more than 50% right now, is shilling their shitcoin.

  30. She's really becoming a non nonsense crypto reporter.

  31. The Angry Economist

    Yup, in order to get rich you steal from the poor

  32. Cardano will liberate Africa

  33. Watch out Africa they're out to scam you

  34. I am South African. In SA we use BITCOIN, even eth is not properly supported by our exchanges. 99% of us use an exchange called Luno, and we do all our transactions on the exchange with instant transaction times and no fees. The alt shills in the comments know nothing about the South African market.

  35. In place like this I really hope xlm can reach them. Bitcoin tx fees are expensive and slow for 100$ transfer

  36. Mark Panya Wienands

    It doesn't take a genius to see that anything other than BTC are shitcoins

  37. WHITE MAN IN A BLACK SLUM. They must have edited out the bit where the gunshots started firing.

  38. INVEST IN NIGERIA-COIN. It's even bigger than this shit. Powered by AIDS…..

  39. I've lived in Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, and right now the US so I can see how the aura around blockchain technologies could definitely feel different in different markets. Blockchain probably won't catch on in western markets for a 'long' time because no major institutions are willing to start using crypto-currencies (the go-to application for blockchains) as a de-facto method of conducting transactions. Like the guy at the start of the video said, it's simply not necessary in the US. And even if one company somehow switched to bitcoin or something, the currency would be remain illiquid because the broader market would continue to trade reserve bank dollars.

    But I definitely see how this could play out differently/well in African economies: unstable governments might be more open to 'easy' amendments to the way things are usually done. A lot of the bureaucracy in African countries is pretty superfluous; it's not about what the law says, it's about how politicians choose to interpret the law for gain. That instability be the key to blockchain technologies finding a population and offering key services. This is great work, and I hope it become a mainstream alternative for most African citizens within the next 10, maybe 15 years. Fingers crossed.

    Oh, and Kudakwashe's explanation about moving money (and other things) via bus? Been there, done that. Dude knows whats up. One time in Zambia, my mom (at location A) sent me a bus ticket via bus driver, so I could get from where I was (location B) to where I needed to get to (location C). In America, you'd just use an app to send the money to the recipient, but in Zambia, sometimes a good ol-fashion bus delivery makes more sense. That was a few years ago, so things might have changed, but I can totally relate.

  40. Africans can’t succeed in the wealthiest nations you expect them to thrive in theirs lol

  41. 0:22 That kid's reaction

  42. She's cooking African meat…. 0:19

  43. the amount of shilling that's in the comments will kill you Be warned

  44. Why wont SA adopt mobile money like other places in Africa. Its working just fine in Eastern Africa – For the last 10 years !

  45. Telcoin will change this! #Tel

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