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The Good, The Bad, & The FUDly Cryptocurrency News | S. Africa Booming, Turkoin Scam, Zebpay FUD

In nowadays’s episode of The Good, The Bad, & The FUDly we will have a look at the booming South African crypto marketplace, bitcoin funded artwork, the Turkoin rip-off this is unfolding, and the new transfer through Zebpay to freeze all fiat deposits and withdrawals from change accounts. Good stuff, so let’s get began!


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  1. Nice to see some positive news about SA 🙂

  2. Osythenea Carpenter

    Is lesotho included? God bless us all!!:-)

  3. Bro here in South Africa Bitcoin has been booming for the last 2 years.Most people I know knows about Bitcoin here and there is quiet alot of miners here.Our Rand value is just not that great, that's probably why it looks like a small amount been traded from SA side.I live in a small town and there is many shops here with stickers saying "Bitcoin accepted here".You will be surprized!

  4. my god is good

  5. Ольга Кузьмина

    Robinhood, an American stock brokerage that allows customers to buy and sell US listed stocks and ETFs with zero commission, recently launched its free cryptocurrency trading offering called Robinhood Crypto.

  6. Could you tell us what you think of the world mining

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