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The EOS Constitution / Weiss Rates 93 Cryptos: Top 7 / Ethereum Classic Hard-Fork / Ethereum Trinity

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    00:00 Introduction
    00:31 Weiss Rates 94 Cryptos: Top 7
    02:25 Parity integrates Casper testnet
    03:02 Ethereum Trinity
    03:43 Ethereum Classic Hard-fork
    06:11 EOS FUD
    07:40 The EOS Constitution
    10:59 Conclusion

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  2. Thanks my brother

  3. Storiqa coin has been up 23 % for weeks now wow.

  4. Socialist? Isn't voting democratic????!!! So…democracy is socialism?

  5. I would probably refer it to more of collaborative commons versus socialism. Capitalism does not work in most parts of the world – many people get left behind. We have the technology and computing power to create abundance for everyone. First time in human history where more people are dying of too much food vs lack of.

  6. It’s interesting but they shouldn’t rank coins that haven’t launched.

  7. US govt can toss my salad….

  8. think you forgot to mention Decred (DCR) which was rated same as EOS & ADA

  9. Charles Hoskinson and IOHK (of Cardano fame) supporting Ethereum Classic, is a big plus for ETC.

  10. EOS constitution? What prevents block producers simply making false statements about their involvement in multiple block producer groups?

  11. Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    The more Crypt0…. The better. That can mean several things!

  12. Exodus Wallet is Registering EOS, No problem.

  13. TRON , LOL , i bet these ppl has no clue

  14. 93+7 = 100

  15. when eos coins are on exchange dont need to register right?

  16. Fake freedom of speech doe

  17. Ethereum Classic (The Original) will b a Monster… IMO

  18. Yesterday the decent quantity of tokens of Odyssey came from free distribution airdrop2018.pro/ocn-airdrop Consult, please, where it is possible to sell them? At what exchange?

  19. Chandy Anderson

    I like the early morning update.

  20. Vanguardas Vucava

    Weiss rating forgot to put A+ for Elastos.

  21. 11 ShyGuyAZ 11

    OMAR, you contradict yoursel youve hated on bitcoin cash and ripple., eos is a coin that is centralized, yet aims for more scalability, and ethereum is more about decentralization. You cant deny youve hated on ripple in the past just because it is centralized. youre just defending eos…

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