The Bitcoin Psyop


Yes, the blockchain is really progressive. Yes, bitcoin is Tulipmania Yes, cryptocurrency is a nail within the coffin of the bankster parasites. Yes, virtual foreign money is a device of the totalitarian tyrants. No, those statements don’t seem to be contradictory. But don’t fear in the event you suppose they’re. You’re only a sufferer of “The Bitcoin Psyop.”

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  1. Great video James. My only question is what gives Bitcoin intrinsic value?

  2. Abadaba Babadaba

    Great Explanation and Video.

  3. trainwreck titty blister

    I've been telling people bitcoin is a fucking scam

  4. Thanks for another informative video. What is the name of the background track from 25:4028:17? I'm diggin' it!

  5. JAZZFRONT Productions

    Great video. I don't know why many folks are being salty. I'd like to see them make a better video. Also, I would really like to know the ending soundtrack that starts from 25:40.

  6. Very nicely done. I was trying to explain this to my parents the other day. Think I'll have em watch this instead! 😉

  7. i sadly actually already knew most of this. i have ZERO invested in crypto, and proud.

    lots of dumb kids out there that dont know what they're doing and a couple that got lucky

  8. forestsoceansmusic

    So after your two shown speakers (the second ending at 13:52 in), I'm confused. The first, and you, were saying that Bitcoin was just one application of Blockchain, the second speaker was almost saying the reverse, that Blockchain is a kind of 'sanitised' version of Bitcoin! You and the first speaker were down on Bitcoin, the 2nd speaker was all for it.

  9. forestsoceansmusic

    I passed the test at the end, so I gave myself a "pat on the back". I must've misunderstood the first part of your video. Thanks for putting this up.

  10. Your explanation of what a blockchain is and how it operates is far FAR better than the numerous ones available on Youtube. I know because I've spent a lot of time looking for easy to understand vids explaining these terms for my friends and family who don't know anything about this field.

  11. Eileen MacDougall

    Thank you…I think.

  12. yeah. everyone is an expert economist. except when they are not. which is ALWAYS.

  13. Well done in making an awesome video to explain things to everybody I will personally use this to give out to people who want to learn love it

  14. Love the video

  15. Is this the second stage of the new world order?

  16. Planet McHanic

    It's called a cash cow. Any sufficiently sized money pot will be raided or taxed by the syndicate. Stupid use of time and resources.

  17. Well done. Great presentation.

  18. Tulipmania never happened…

  19. tsdon1 Smithee

    senseless title

  20. Bitcoin Buddha

    Bitcoin is the first and only real Blockchain…you black out how Bitcoin started and got used…Wikileaks,Silkroad are psyops too i guess…

  21. Estevan Valladares

    The "economists are useless" and "bitcoin final solution" are the true "bitcoin psyops". Problem is bitcoin is spread by no or bad economists in IT terms to people who dont know either economy or IT. People hear about the "ghost profiles" on facebook, which tells your most likely profile even if you never had one in facebook, as a certainty, but cant grasp the concept that blockchain is the same thing. People, among them very skilled economists, have a hit combo on blockchain. They can have all the data they want without having to store or parse all the data they need for that. Blockchain is a form of bigdata applied to finance, that will herald the kind of centralization and control no central bank in the history of humanity dreamed of having if it becomes a "stand alone" currency model.
    And still the "it can be a shield or a weapon" narrative. Remeber, blockchain must run on a system, a system which needs amounts of investment to the extent no one but big economic interests can have. You have had always the possibility to make up a currency to use among friends and small communities. Blockchain cant be used in a much larger scale than a simple "IOU" writen on paper without powerful processing power and, power itself. Blockchain is like telephone, for example, you can make a tin can phone to speak to someone not so distant from you, but you cant run a interstate system of communication from tin cans and cooper wire. You never hear people talking about the infraestructure needed to sustain the workings of blockchain, and that system, in which you dont really control the end points, will never bend to interest not of those who own said end points.

  22. James … Bitcoin is no longer the same decentralized crypto is once was, and technically it has zero chance of ever being a real and useful means of exchange. It is beyond slow, and with 4-7 TPS there is not a chance in hell it will ever compete with the CC payment system, at least without peripheral, centralizing layers like the lightening network, a misnomer.

    I was once all in on BTC, but have now gone all in on a coin which is both fast and secure. Digibyte is that disruptive technology, and is the most active project on the Reddit boards. It is a multi-layer blockchain, but the beauty is that it can also be run peer-to-peer via core wallets with transactions generally less than 2 minutes. It has 5 mining algorithms, and over 250000 core wallet users, so security is the best of any UTXO coin.

    BTC has become nothing but speculative poison to the crypto-verse because technically it is Windows 98 in 2018, but huge money is tied up in it so as to become almost too big to fail ….

  23. Can you review karatbars Karat bank coin. I can not find any good info to evaluate this coin. The symbol is KBC. I think it is a scam but I can't confirm.

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