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Stock Market Crash vs Cryptocurrency Bull Market | Fox News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 information
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  1. Максим Горбань

    Hence the public ICO telegram is available! For more details go to newtokens.info/telegram

  2. If the governments fuck up one more time crypto is now ready to go sky high. If that happens say goodbye to the US dollar.

  3. Thanks for posting all these crypto related news clips. Much appreciated!

  4. Francis Anotolii


  5. Don't sweat selling stocks. Even if stocks rally, the gains will be no where near what you can make in crypto

  6. Does it even make sense to hold equities? When the cryptos have phenomenal gains? I have equities too, just asking…

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  8. Cash is king when the market goes down. IMO I wouldn't put money in crypto right away if the stock market crash. I would reassess the market if it comes to that.

  9. Question about robin hood – no wallets? Thought it was an exchange like coin-base.

  10. Fred Verstegen

    I also want to buy more crypto, but all my fiat is allready in..

  11. Stock market is a casino lol

  12. Crypto Talk by Crypto Watch

    Thank you again, staying up with CNBC through your channel.

  13. ExpertOption provides a nice selection of coins Last month I doubled my income

  14. Just Games For Me

    Nice video

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