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SBI Group Declares Bitcoin Cash True Bitcoin | BCH Japan

Japan is gearing as much as be the worlds greatest supporter for Bitcoin Cash with nChain, SBI Group and Houbi, all teaming to create a world P2P System for shoppers.

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Japan’s SBI Group Launching Eight Crypto Businesses Including Mining

SBI Group Backs Bitcoin Cash to be “Used Globally For Daily Payments”


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  1. I love Bitcoin Cash.
    But I don't think it should have the name Bitcoin.
    The name is irrelevant today.
    If we do our job and grow the use case we will not need the name Bitcoin.
    It will have its own name.
    Bitcoin Cash.
    Arguing within the community is a pure waste of time once a person understands that Bitcoin Cash is actually BITCOIN.
    Anyone can conclude BCH is probably the real Bitcoin.
    But it simply does not matter.
    We must focus outside the community and expand.
    Arguing over names won't help.

  2. It is interesting that early Bitcoin version is compatible with Bitcoin Cash, but not Bitcoin Core. To me, this make Bitcoin Cash the real Bitcoin. The reason is that version still had unlimited block size before temporary reduction to prevent spamming. It was meant to be restored, which is what Bitcoin Cash did.

  3. Excellent news!

  4. found the Crypto kid!! Awesome info man. I cant wait for the world to use this tech as it was intended. Japan is always ahead. Big news!

  5. Actually the said they back bitcoin cash to be used for global daily payments.

  6. Its clear to me bitcoin cash Will be big

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