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Reversal Pattern Forming? | Robert Kiyosaki Bullish On Bitcoin, But NOT The Dollar!!

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Is there a bullish reversal development forming within the Bitcoin chart? Well, I’m going to use technical research at the Bitcoin worth to turn you why there may well be an inverse head and shoulders development forming on Bitcoin now. Also, Robert Kiyosaki is bullish on Bitcoin as a hedge in opposition to the sector financial system. Is there a world financial cave in coming quickly? Watch the video to be told extra!

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  2. Christopher Harris Jr

    I love your intro "and if this sounds interesting, then I think that you should definitely keep watching this video" so long to write, but so fast when you say it lol


  4. Bearflag…


  6. BTC will hit 40k by end of year

  7. very well said Mr. Carl a about the U. S. fiat dollar crisis out of control getting worse and btc. surface in these times

  8. Karl – its a bear market with bots using SL hunting not anything more than that. We would be kidding ourselves to think otherwise

  9. Oh my God! Where's your car?

  10. If we valuate Crypto with the US $ and other fiat currencies. What will our crypto valuations become when fiat tanks?

  11. This chicken knows more then anyone.. bitcoin has been making everyone rich. The hackers scammers manipulators etc such chicken are taking it's advantage of flaming the fomo

  12. Good god why does this guys channel always auto play after Node Investor’s videos?!

  13. CNBC just started talking about how strong the stock market is. If that isn't a sell signal i don't know what is. That being said, the dollar will be the last man standing out of the national fiat currencies. It will collapse, but others will go first as we are starting to see now.

  14. Bitcoin dominance up to 52.3 percent !

  15. You also had this scam commercial long for over 4 mins? Some guy is using The Moon to position his MLM or other crappy 'lifestyle wow passive income' scam :F

  16. can't take you seriously if you are bullish on btc right now. how can you say that when moving average and overall trend is very bearish. we won't be bullish until we get positive news from sec.

  17. Being a hodler doesn't help. Day trading is really the only way to make any monetary gains.

  18. USD was built by scumbags

  19. Carl, what do you think about the us debt clock now showing the "real" value of gold and silver compared to the dollar?

  20. watch the 200 MA. BTC can seem to break that line on the Daily.

  21. as far as gold goes my TA shows 800 dollar gold 20255 ~

  22. Record your videos back in your car

  23. You think the 2014 chart has any similarity to today’s chart ?

  24. This is comedy gold xD

  25. You are forgetting Student Loan debt here in the US. Thats whats going to cause a crash soon besides Credit Cards.

  26. Reversal my ass. Keeping drawing those lines and shit. Make another video when bitcoin is at 5 bucks.

  27. Steve Blomefield

    what I see is that the whales are selling their stock of bitcoins. They want OUT of bitcoin. However, they are not going to sell all their stock at once, because there are bitcoin holders who are still pumping bitcoin and who are encouraging people in India, China, Africa and others who are poor and want to buy bitcoin so that they can get easy riches. So thy sell, sell, sell then wait for the rest of the world to buy and put the stock up, then they sell again. What this causes is the lower highs and the lower lows. The wales are wanting out. They made their money from buying pixels on a screen at 100$ and selling pixels. For example, the Winklevoss brothers may be getting out of bitcoin altogether since their business plan is crushed. Now they want out. They bought at 100 and now they are selling and want to put their money somewhere else. The whales are waking up that bitcoin is selling an illusion. others bought into the illusion following the madness of crowds. Now they know bitcoin is doomed and are slowly selling at 6000. Thi causes the lower highs and lower lows. Evetually there will be no confidence at all in bitcoin and it will go to near zero but the whales who bought at 100 will have made stupendous profits.

  28. Did you say Robert Kiyosaki wants to buy?Kiyosaki5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Huge sell signal.

  29. After Bitcoin crashed down from its all time high of 20k, it has had three attempts to break out and go above key resistance levels. All three times it failed. This is very bad for Bitcoin. Google trends shows that practically no one is searching the word bitcoin anymore. There are no new buyers. When the bottom drops out, Bitcoin could crash even further. The bubble has burst and Bitcoin is heading to double digits. Brace for impact people. This something for nothing get rich quick scheme is over.

  30. waiting for a new lower low!!!! come on baby

  31. LOL. Kiyosaki used to say BTC is a scam. Guess he bought the dip.

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  41. Robert was also involved in a pyramid scheme…..

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  44. Re Unfunded Liabilities, it's not a promise made but a directive at the State and/or Federal level. Example: Congress directs the states to repair all bridges before 2019, but doesn't provide the Federal funds to assist in the repairs. The states are held liable to repair them but can't afford to do it as D.C. hasn't sent any money to them. And there's usually a penalty if the directive isn't met on time.

  45. Shut a fuck up fuking russian scammer you are a fucking liar

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  47. extra 2 k a month to spent on prostitutes …

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