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Profit Trailer – New Ethereum Settings v11.0

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  1. first….. great stuff…LOL

  2. every else must be fishing…LOL

  3. Excellent. I'm on Binance BTC maket and want to change to ETH but don't want to sell everything in a loss. 28 coins around $1000. I trying to create a procedure or guide step by step how to change market minimizing losses in the transition. Can you please check this procedure and maybe create a video showing how to do this.

  4. Are you using PT Feeder with your Eth bot?

  5. Pretty sure PT no longer cares about pair format, it'll handle BNBBTC or BNB-BTC, despite exchange.

  6. what about feeder new settings ?

  7. hey crypto gnome. i wanted to ask if you dont mind sharing, are you running more than 1 bot?

  8. After ask everybody for help finally get some from PT Support (excellent). Here is what i did minimizing losses to $97 during the transition. 5 hour later sell at gain (between 0.7 and 2% profit) 8 coins. Gnome I think you can make a video of this, Im helping family member in other countries by phone and email but you can help a lot more people if you make a video explaining step by step.
    01.- set_only_mode = true
    This action move all coins from DCA Log to Pairs Log
    02.- Copy to excel
    03.- Paste from cell B2 (cloumn B row 2) – File – save as – (example: Bought price from BTC to ETH)
    04.- Copy to excel
    05.- Paste in the same excel file from column B and next available row
    06.- Select rows (ProfitTrailer Monitor, empty row and title information), right click and delete rows
    This action is going to move up dust information to pair information
    07.- Select all from B2 to the last column and row with information
    08.- From excel menu select Data – Sort column Coin (ascending)
    This action in going to sort alphabetically by coin initials
    If you have two rows with the same coin, identify witch one have the smaller Bought price and delete that row keeping the row with bigger Bought Price
    09.- Wright ETH Equivalent on A2 (cloumn A row 2) left of Date
    10.- Open your exchange – set to ETH market – 1h
    11.- Search each coin to bring the graphic – using the Date and Time you bought the coin, position the cursor over that candle accordingly
    12.- Wright the close value for each coin on the excel sheet (c:xxxxxxxx)
    13.- Create a file named HotConig BTC – Current
    1st line
    BTCBTC_reset_stored_average = true I'm not sure of this
    From 2nd row wright each coin and Bought price as example
    BCPTBTC_bought_price = 0.00013709

    14.- Create a file named HotConig from BTC to ETH
    1st line
    BTCETH_reset_stored_average = true
    From 2nd line wright each coin and ETH Bought price as example
    BCPTETH_bought_price = 0.00161787
    15.- Create a Backup – Just copy and paste the complete folder
    16.- Stop the bot pressing the red bottom
    delete sales (delete files ProfitTrailerData.json and ProfitTrailerData.json.backup)
    17.- Change testMode from false to true
    testMode = true
    18.- Change MARKET from BTC to ETH
    Adjust parameters based on the ETH market
    start the bot
    19.- Copy and paste here information from Notepad file named HotConig from BTC to ETH
    Click Save
    Close browser
    Close Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd (black screen)
    20.- Open profit Trailer folder and doble click Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd
    Verify everything is working properly
    21.- Change testMode from true to false
    testMode = false
    22.- Star monitoring ETH market

  9. Christopher Jacobs

    Legendary bro. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing

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