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Possible Top CRYPTOCURRENCY ICOs For August 2018

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What do you bring to mind the most productive imaginable or most sensible imaginable ICOs for August 2018 ? How do you spot the ICO marketplace reacting for the impending month ?

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  2. Most alt coins will not exist. 98% of them will go away.

  3. Awesome video, thanks bud!

  4. Martha Cecilia Manjarres

    Awesomeee, i was searching for this info!, thanks

  5. Chandrababu Pillai

    Thanks for some useful information. Great work dear..

  6. its good to hear that information. thanx

  7. very interesting and usefull,thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank yoy for the spreadsheets , great analysis!!

  9. lol. No icos are surviving, I recommend you choose a coin you like, Wait for it to release on the exchange and buy it for a much bigger discount couple weeks later.

  10. Good content! What do you think about Ico feniks finance? I think it is quite a promising project.

  11. Great work!

  12. Why buy ico when we can buy at presale price just weeks after lunch every coin

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