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Petro (PTR) – Venezuela’s oil backed cryptocurrency! Should you invest?

Venezuela began the ICO of the Petro PTR, their oil backed cryptocurrency. What is the Petro? What is its function? Should you put money into it? What do I take into accounts it? Questions replied within the video.

My personal opinion after all!


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  1. Hi,

    What do you think about Nexo? I think it is a great project.

    The plan of Nexo:
    Don't want to sell your crypto coins, but want to use the money of it?

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  2. Why should we believe your analysis ? What are your credentials ? Venezuela took expert advice over and over again for the creation of the Petro. I would suggest you read some more of what the experts are saying or at least make an effort to call one of the experts.

  3. A shithole coin from a shithole country, I'll pass.. Thx for covering nonetheless

  4. i don't support this ico but petrol is physically in venezuela underground not in africa like your example says

  5. Not to be touched with a 10ft pole.

  6. As a Venezuelan i tell you if you want to loose money invest it, if you want to support a comunist dictador go ahead, its not a simple Crypto its just a new bond to avoid international sanctions

  7. The preto my dear friend is made to perform the largest money laundering in the history of terrorism and drug trafficking. the international organized crime will use this platform at pleasure in exchange for oil and minerals without any control. It sounds exaggerated, but believe me, it's like that.

  8. Only thing I like about this is that NEM is being used for more projects, scam or not.

  9. Men I saw that you used a website to see what was the devaluation of the bolívar. That value you saw there isn’t the reality . Actually in Venezuela they can’t not freely change their currency into other currencies like dollars, so that exchange rate you saw it’s rate issued by the government and almost no body , just a few people can access to that exchange rate that the government gives. The actually rate of the dollar it’s managed by a black market, that it’s the only way that average people can access to foreign currency. This exchange rate of the black market , its almost 10 times more expensive that the one given by the government.

  10. Even If it gives me 250% return, I would never buy it. Never support dictators and the world might be a bit better.

  11. I respect your videos, but I feel you should not directly or indirectly (morally) support people to invest in a currency that is coming from a dictator himself. Investing in this currency is supporting the dictator and therefore reducing the chances of Venezuelan people to democracy. Period. – From a Venezuelen.

  12. No way I'm going to invest in a corrupt government who assassinates his citizens and blackout the media so the world doesn't see it.

  13. If that president was able to betrayed, kill and still his own people, he is not going to care about you.

  14. I have family living there now. Inflation is closer to 99.5% not 96%. The petro dollar is back by a government famous for printing money, screwing it's citizens and ignoring human rights. This is worse than bitconnect.

  15. Hakakakakalaka haka

    Hey can you check out Digipulse? I think it has a lot of potential.

  16. This comment section is full of Koch trolls. See attachment to see how they are working over time in Venezuela.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDFW3OWUbEI

  17. Rэкс пэкc фэкS

    Dude there is no even need to read that white paper.That coin is created by a fucking DICTATOR…Anyone who is investing in to it is simply supporting that ass.

  18. now you can sign up on Binance exchange and get 10 free dollar for trading . Referral Link: binance.com/?ref=11587089

  19. Venezuela Today

    What‘s backing any crypto?

  20. Venezuela Today

    Petro is backed by tangible asset.A tangible asset is an asset that has a physical form. Tangible assets include both fixed assets, such as machinery, buildings and land, and current assets, such as inventory. (Oil)Bitcoin/Ethereum and any of its offspring are the opposite of a tangible asset is an intangible asset. Nonphysical assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, goodwill and brand recognition, are all examples of intangible assets.

  21. Best explanation of this coin so far, thanks

  22. CAN'T invest if you're in the US. Trump just banned it. Trump & his pals will likely make a fortune off of it.

  23. olumsuz yorum yazanların petro aldığına eminim 😀

  24. Francisco Moriones

    Saying Oil Backed Crytocurrency is a joke. It is not redeemable according to its own whitepaper. So why everyone repeats this fallacy?


  26. Grant Gauchier

    Communism is never a good investment

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