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New Coinbase Project? – CryptoCurrency Market News – Crypto Market

Coinbase is operating on a brand new undertaking? CryptoForeign money marketplace information and crypto marketplace outlook!
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  1. Helen S.Shannon

    Thank you for all updates 🙂 Keep up with the good work !


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    Good updates , keep it up the quality work !

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  6. Can we expect TRX to reach new all time high soon ?

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  7. Most coolest than all of the crypto youtubers!

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  17. Gordan Sladich

    When are regulations done for crypto?

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  19. bulls are coming !! Oh YES !!


  20. John Copithorne

    Dropil is on IDEX.

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  21. Thank you for doing these videos, your channel is helping me learn quickly!


  22. Lol still need to fix that start time but good stuff as allways


  23. been with you since the start always a morale booster!! cheers


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  26. Chiranjeev Singh

    Fees on Coinbase is quite high but if they are launching index fund it should make easy for average person to invest and buy crypto.


  27. Patrick Brownlee

    Keep up the vids.


  28. Aaron Nicholson

    Can’t wait to see how the day trading comp goes!

  29. I really like your honest advice not to participate on ICOs for US residents. With the help of your advice about ICOs, I told my US Resident friend not to think off getting into ICOs. Thanks for your help. Here is my Litecoin deposit address.

  30. hashflare closing talk about that!!!!

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  33. You were right. took a beat down buying QKC on Kucoin for .30

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