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Mining Tips Setup Tour And Q&A (LIVE)

Mining Tips Setup Tour And Live Q&A.

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  1. Great content once again ,thank you sunny

  2. how do you set up three monitors

  3. Got Windows 10 on my new mining rig what wallet do I need to get?

  4. can i "mine" with one card only lol?

  5. Sonny can you send me the link to projected pay out for faster upgrades on GPU for Nicehash
    Looking at 4
    PC Video Card – AMD R9 270X
    4GB VRAM

  6. Dude that looks like the Gaming PC I bought from Best Buy. It the iBuyPower Snowblind 942 with Gigabyte 1080Ti, Intel 8700k and 16gig G.Skill RAM. I wanted to build a Gaming PC with two GTX 1070 but of course could not find them for near retail. The only solution was to buy a gaming PC with a high end card for now, till I can find affordable 1070s, thank you for your other videos. I just subscribed.

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