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Mining costs outweigh profits with $5k Bitcoin!

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**DISCLAIMER** It’s not that i am a monetary adviser, at all times do your analysis earlier than purchasing any Crypto. Invest simplest what you’ll be able to come up with the money for to lose!**

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  1. GrandAdmiralGamez

    Are you sure that $4,700 is the bottom where it's going to BOUNCE like no tomorrow? Not 3000? Not 0? Will it bounce upwards?

    I really hate to be negative, I am invested in this, but this may be the end. I hope that you are all prepared to lose it all, having only invested what you can afford to lose…

  2. Why not just buy dogecoin it will be 100 sat with in the year

  3. #AllHailKiNGJAMES!!!!


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