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Miners Create The High Value Of Cryptocurrency – Mining Farm Update

Cryptocurrency mining and therefore cryptocurrency miners create the top worth of cryptocurrency. Not best do crypto miners flip their electrical into virtual forex, additionally they give a boost to and perform the networks that those cash run on.

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Mining a number of cryptocurrencies in my crypto shed mining farm, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to small marketplace cap cryptos like Loki Network coin. I’m able to do that as a result of I make the most of a mess of specialised mining apparatus reminiscent of customized constructed GPU mining rigs and Bitmain ASIC miners.

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  1. AMD Vega 56 Best GPU for Mining ATM – http://geni.us/4xMj
    Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon – http://geni.us/WQd7cCs
    VoskCoin Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin
    VoskCoin Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VoskCoin/

  2. Brandon Minnick

    Hi Tails. Dude Vosk when are you going to release the master mode video? You’ve been talking about it for awhile. Guide on multiple secure nodes on 1 vps would be great! Thanks for the updates!

  3. Your work space is coming along great. I look forward to seeing it in the background of your upcoming videos

  4. Thank God the ant miners are giving more gpu's to gamers

  5. Bitcoin Private is forking soon to new Equihash parameters causing ASIC's to be obsolete, at least in the short term.

  6. Vosk, what would you recommend mining with a 6 1080Ti rig?

  7. Poor puppy, take care of her. I know you will.

  8. AndTheCorrectAnswerIs

    Sure glad my 36 GPUs are all RX-580 8gb cards. I'm on the CryptoNight heavy algo now which is also much more power efficient than when I was mining ETH…and my cards run about 20C cooler. I started last Nov. and I should ROI before this Dec. I would already have hit ROI if I had not HODLed and had just sold as I mined. Hope the decision to HODL ends up being the right one.

  9. dllhoundcompany

    Tails looks great! Keep up the great videos! Thank you

  10. Lol anyone else dropped like $1000 in a day on mining bc of this guy's videos then he uploads this xD

  11. Casual Investor

    I am current in the single digits with my mining rig! Lol

  12. Bitcoin Top ICO's

    are you still mining? is it still profitable and how much do u make per day profits? what is better GPU's or Asics lol a lot of questions sorry!

  13. idigbigblocks Pete

    I'm not selling my equipment! I'm gonna still mine! #hodlgang

  14. It's just like 2 years ago again when I bought my S3+ that's all I think. Glad tails made it. And thanks for all your expert tuition.

  15. Albert Hernandez

    Glad to see tails doing well

  16. I'm seriously wondering if zen is staying hush to keep the gpu's there long enough for peeps to roi their z9's or to smoothly transition to asic at the expense of gpu. Zen is asic now. Just leave. The z9 profit will insta-crash when all gpu's are gone. Asic vs asic will reduce them to pennies. leave. leave


  18. I just recently lost my 5 year old blue heeler to a super agressive cancer I cashed out all my coins did everything I could to save him but he passed I am glad to see Tails doing better

  19. Hey man I follow you for a while and although I love the ASCI haters not everyone has room for a million GPUs….. mining from my apartment, I digress something you need to talk about on your channel is the people driving the prices down by continually selling on the exchange for list last price. people undercut one another to get their coins to sell faster. people need to stop doing that and make prices stick! then try and push them up until people stop buying them…. then back down a little this is simple stuff anyone could have learned playing world of Warcraft and playing the auction house…… but for real it is a issue. real reason value dropping.

  20. Hey! Anybody know why Vos is selling his z9 mini's? In other words, did he say why? Please don't guess.

  21. i think investing in Masternodes along with mining is a great idea. espeically if you are mining the same coin your MN is on.

  22. I’ve been starting to mine Ravencoin the past few weeks. I feel it will stay asic resistance for a long while.

  23. Too many big players in mining now. The only ones that will make it are the ones on industrial power grids at near $0.03 rates.

  24. It's refreshing to see someone who is open about not knowing EVERYTHING about prices moving up and down. It's obnoxious seeing people so confident in their calls, which are educated guesses at best.

  25. angel volynchuk

    Cool hat did you used yo skate?

  26. Don’t Understand Much of Crypto, Except A $1,400 ASICS, W/A $95 PSU Beats The Panties Off A $4,500+ GPU Rig… I Watch U For Tails Updates 🙂

  27. In 2018, still profitable or not ?(mining)

  28. I think the proof of work approach to cryptocurrency is on its deathbed. It is unsustainable and ASIC's have actually destroyed the vision of what BTC was supposed to be all about. ASIC's could create a lopsided balance of power in whichever cryptos have an ASIC that is designed to mine them specifically. The power consumption is what's really going to be the issue. Will the value of a crypto go up as the power costs continue to rise? Only if the widespread adoption of cryptos for payment of goods and services happens. If that doesn't happen, mining will piddle out and disappear.

  29. movies trailers

    best bitcoin miner 500000satshi earn daily click on linkhttp://triggerinstalls.com/758607

  30. Bitcoin is the only valuable currency and every single shitcoin you guys are mining will eventually join http://www.deadcoins.com

  31. hi Vosk I am going to collage in 2 year and I wanted to make cash to help my parents out. can I still mine in 2018 ?

  32. Let's Do Smart & Always Positive

    Plz make a video ,how and where to buy miner how to setup by anyone

  33. Raymond Jay Johnson

    S9j with PSU cost @ $720 USD – that's almost as low as 25% of a comparable GPU rig. ASICs are actually better for us hobbyists…

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