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Mike Maloney on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Roger Ver, gold and silver

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We had the excitement of interviewing Mike Maloney, author of the preferred YouTube collection ‘The Hidden Secrets of Money’ wherein he exposes the fractional reserve machine in addition to all of the financial machine as an entire. We extremely suggest you watch his collection via clicking on the next hyperlink:

We spoke about Mike’s ideas on crypto subsidized gold and silver tokens, his ideas on the marketplace sentiment in addition to a battle he witnessed all through his travel to Acapulco.

While we discuss cryptocurrencies, tokens, treasured metals, and different markets, we aren’t monetary advisers. These kinds of movies are primarily based on our opinion simplest. You are answerable for your personal buying and selling and funding actions.

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  1. You rock Oscar!

  2. Tell your friends.
    One by one we all benefit from adoption of crypto.
    I support Bitcoin Cash.

  3. BCH rocks

  4. You've probably noticed, but the video focus is horrible.

  5. Bcash lol

  6. Roger wasn't behind the creation of Bitcoin Cash :/

  7. Cool guy. Looking into his series now. $BCH

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  9. which coin is better?who cares… ok go pay a 50 dollar fee and hold that coin… gl

  10. christos christou

    Ver is promoting he's brand by stoling bitcoin brand this is the biggest scam ever !!!!!!

  11. omg please! just fire your camera man!

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