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Major Threat to US Economic Supremacy – Cryptocurrency Marshall Islands News

Is US financial supremacy underneath risk? Is the greenback being challenged by way of cryptocurrency? In this episode we have a look at the placement brewing within the Marshall Islands because the president faces a problem to energy after threats by way of the IMF.

Political Crisis

Marhsall Islands Digital Money

No Confidence

Rangelap Island


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  1. wowowowowow… that shirt is pure art!!! 🙂

  2. Love the shirt peace owt

  3. Wow.    Should be interesting which leak in the damn (US dollar) that controls the world will cause it to break.    Most Americans don't realize how nations are slowly moving away from the 'petro-dollar'.

  4. Unfortunately, peoples greed governs their actions and the corrupt bankers here in the USA (and around the world – greed has no borders) are behind many nefarious activities. From my experience speaking with individuals at my office they repeat what they are told – Jamie Diamond says crypto is evil so it must be. I try to explain the facts and that Mr. Diamond is not their buddy and cares only for the paper in your wallet, but it falls on deaf ears. Lark, please keep sharing these important stories so we can continue to educate others. Blockchain equals economic freedom for the poor. It allows the 4 billion that are unbanked to manage their assets and grow financially. Bankers want to sink their greedy teeth into those 4 billion and charge them fees and control their futures – crypto equals freedom and bankers equal control.

  5. As Colonel Ludlow once said: "Screw the govmint!"

  6. That painting is trippy

  7. Well like J F Kennedy who wanted to abolish the FED and its fake money I see them taking out the president in the Marshall Islands. The central banking families owners of the FED also own the IMF. Like TRUMP states, its ALL rigged.

  8. The island just needs to retain everything but just use cryptos alongside fiat just like everybody should do for the time being….Flash and ETN are ready to roll.

  9. Nukes don’t exist. This national crypto currency is just part of the globalist take down of the USA as they move their operations to China. Hawaii will become independent at some point soon, too.

    …then China invades everybody.

    Earth is flat. Wake up, Lark.

    By the way. I don’t really support the USA. Yes it has freedom of speech and more liberty than most but it’s just another illuminate experiment in their march toward the beast system.

    Yahusha (Jesus) saves

  10. ThomasConservative

    We'll go to war with them… that will fix this problem. If there was oil there we would show them the meaning of pump and dump ! My inner colonialist would like to crush something small and exotic 😛

  11. We(the US) is the world tyrant.

  12. https://www.kryptoup.com/?r=mikey007 best ico this year I recommended

  13. Red Pill channel right here…….

  14. Great vlog. Interesting times ahead for sure.

  15. I had a premonition of this crypto. This is mark in crypto history. We'll see in time.

  16. PAC coin?

  17. Iinternational monetary weapon is right! History will not be kind to the USA. Rightfully so…

  18. IMF are crooks, they push the USD to countries and central banks but they are the third world biggest gold holder – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_reserve#Officially_reported_holdings

  19. Why no more intro Lark?

  20. 6:48: "Prepare for freedom", That was really funny. Could also be "Prepare for democracy".

  21. Unrelated, but would you be able to do a video on Initiative Q? Anything that you may know about it, or have heard about it, as I have a lot of people sending around the link. I know DYOR and all that, but some of these people won't and have just signed up. Can you tell us anything you know about it? If it is a scam, I'd like to see people not get sucked in. Cheers!

  22. Definitely sharing this to Kwaj Net Facebook (https://facebook.com/KwajNet)! It should generate some interesting comments both there and here. I might also write a blog post on the Kwaj Net website (https://www.kwajnet.com). Thanks for your content, Crypto Lark!!!

  23. Great narration!!!

  24. TPTB globalists are playing whack-a-mole. Sooner or later there will be 10 of these countries that pop up and allow unlimited crypto services. Once those become wildly successful bringing in tens of billions of dollars, you'll see another 10 pop up. and then another 10. there's too much money to be made to stop it

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