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LIVE TRADE of how I made $600 Day Trading Cryptocurrency Binance For beginners 2018

How To Start Day Trading Penny Stocks 2018
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  2. Period for Boll and RSI? Time?
    And why i cannot see candlesticks on advanced mode?

  3. Hope Marrie Eheng

    Is that stochastic rsi u are using?

  4. Love the content my man. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks for sharing this video!

  6. What should do in Support line once stay in the middle not up or down.

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  8. Mercedes Sanatana

    Tony, do you only use the activity on Binance and not the signals/tips from Telegram and other group chat apps? If so, which do you recommend?

  9. Hello sir I want to learn trading.plz tell me about it
    how to read the chart volume candle .and how to know that it's a entry time for any coin and which Is a sell price plz guide me sir thanks

  10. Its a great deal…Can i have someone to guide me on how to open up account and start trading on this platform.


  11. Subscribed to your channel yesterday after watched one of your videos that was really helpful in day trading which I want to get into. Thanks

  12. *just some luck !!!!!!!!.. real trading takes hours to get like 5%
    This guy is full of shit…… its easy to make 2-5% and 600 if u invest 600000 or something DOHHH this is fucking clickbait bullshit!!!!*
    videos like these help no one but only ur ego fuckface

  13. Marckiese Thomas

    That was pretty cool and helpful.

  14. whens the next live trading??

  15. Nice Trade. Wow!!

  16. Rock star day trader

  17. thanks alot mate

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  19. Shepherd Munhenzva

    great stuff

  20. nice video helped me alot

  21. cool one buddy

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  23. Hi Tony. Thanks for the videos. I've been downloading and watching your tutorials on trading crypto currencies. If I join your trading course for access to the scanners and chat rooms, are these only for training on penny stock trades or are you still trading in crypto's – due to the tax issue i read about a while ago. Is this still ongoing or is this sorted now? please advise. Alternately if I have never traded the stock market, live in South Africa, do you advise still joining? ie will I benefit to learn enough to become a full time trader, which is what I am working towards with through trading in crypto currencies. thanks in advance, Dean

  24. Keep it up great job love to watch ur videos..

  25. Can you teach me how to trade ?

  26. Maxwell Eyo Effiong

    Thank you for your explaination

  27. GlenCarlyn Kato

    Thanks for this live trade example.

  28. Check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!

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