Komodo KMD Altcoin Review

Komodo is a yr outdated Altcoin that serves twin purposes, this is a privateness coin that still helps different blockchain property so as to be constructed onto the platform.

With the release of Monaize, the primary decentralized ICO onto the platform, Komodo will see its first primary spouse’s mission move are living and I imagine it’ll be the primary of many if the release is a luck.

Komodo is also launching a BarterDEX, a decentralized alternate which will probably be a really perfect boon for investors if the its release could also be purposeful and a hit. With the associated fee drop that has befell just lately, I feel Komodo is a brilliant pickup that has some upside this yr.

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  1. What other Altcoins are you looking to invest in this year?

  2. just bought some, and this vid helped me feel better about it

  3. Eroyi.io? You checked it out yet?

  4. Easily the next titan alt coin after ethereum.

  5. Thanks for putting a review for KMD. Some things you need to correct:
    – BarterDEX is publically available to download and use. Anyone can download the software right now and use that to do Atomic Swaps on the main chain of around 90+ different cryptocurrencies. It can not launch better than that I guess in technical terms.

    If launching some product or project is having some marketing push, then yes, that part is coming soon. Marketing in the backend is doing good work for that big push on the marketing side, which is good to keep an eye on.

    I guess you can say the 3rd party company Monaize is being waited for their dICO launch. But that's 3rd party project. I hope you don't confuse 3rd party project's dICO launch with Komodo Platform's product launch, except waiting for BarterDEX/AtomicDEX updated website launch. 🙂

    – You don't need to Stake KMD. There is no such thing as Staking in KMD.
    to accrue 5% APR on your KMD holdings, the user doesn't have to do anything. 0 actions needed. No wallet open needed, no delegations or staking needed. The only condition is to have the UTXOs of at least 10 KMD or above, and that amount keeps accruing 5% APR on those UTXOs for 1 year, starting right after 1 hour of that UTXO made.

    – Delayed Proof of Work Does Not Create ANY new COINs. That's not correct.
    – You or Users do not stake the coins to for Delayed Proof of Work. The set of special Notary Nodes do this work to group sign a Bitcoin Transaction and put the latest Komodo block Hash in that transaction which is made to Bitcoin Network just like any regular coin spending transaction. It looks like you couldn't get a clear picture of what Delayed Proof of Work, and I see your explanation not clear or incorrect.

    In pretty basic and tiny bit technical terms, one can say that Delayed Proof of Work is a process where the special set of Komodo network nodes take the latest Komodo blockchain's block hash and put that into a group signed bitcoin transaction which is not exactly the multi-sig transaction but a custom-made bitcoin spending transaction is broadcasted to Bitcoin network.

    Every single Komodo node on the network keep a watch on latest notarised block hash on bitcoin network and the network conditions in the Komodo code says that this notarised block is the blockchain which cannot be reversed or changed even in case the 51% PoW Sybil attack is done on Komodo blockchain. I know it's a bit more than technical, and this isn't something easy to grasp, and could possibly create confusion until the Rules of Delayed Proof of Work aren't clear to someone.

    I just couldn't resist writing on correcting the Delayed Proof of Work explanation as it didn't sound correct to me in some part. I encourage you to join Komodo Platform Slack and ask any points of confusions you might have about the platform and get the answers from more knowledgeable people there. 🙂

    The rest of the review is great! Thanks again for covering Komodo Platform. 🙂

  6. Adpackpro International

    is the BarterDEX a product by KMD ??? well this is amazing then

  7. Laurens Sipahelut

    Agama wallet. 'Agama' means religion in Indonesian.

  8. Didn't know about the staking until today (my first Komodo video), learned a bunch, thanks for the video, cheers

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