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Is This Beginning Of The End Of The Central Bank Currency System – Episode 1712a

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Report date: 110.09.2018

UK retail apocalypse deepens, US retail follows, the retail business is imploding. UMich sentiment is declining, individuals are beginning to understand that the financial system isn’t what it sort of feels. The Federal Reserve is heading in the right direction to boost the charges come this Dec, in 2019 they are going to be elevating a couple of instances. Saudi Arabia is now excited about eliminating OPEC. Is this starting of the top of the petrodollar.

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  1. Stop tell people. To Buy Gold and Silver. Tell them the truth, the NWO has nothing to do with Money. They will Chip us all this wiill be the only way to buy and sell. PERIOD

  2. ALERT : PrayingMedic just got censored by the YT gestapo for posting Q videos. This is a call to arms.

  3. we are so far gone and so far in debt its not going to be as easy to recover as they say, someone is probably doing better, but I am a small business owner in NY and I dont see it….Im sunk

  4. We should all support Trump's dropping a million dollar bomb on Muslims every twelve minutes

  5. Petit-dubousquet Fabrice

    cryptocurrency on this way. XRP

  6. I’m listening to your plan my question is what about Israel , where do they fit in.

  7. Will the Iraqi dinar ever revalue?

  8. Hope so

  9. Sir, If Those We Trusted Would Have Honored There Oath Of Office, Followed The Constitution , The Bill Of Rights And The Bible Of JESUS Christ They Put Their Hand On,We Would Not Be In This Swamp…. The Blame Goes Back To Those Who Aloud ThIS To Happen. We Have Had Traitors, Theives, Liars Since Day One.If You Don,t Stop And Hit The Bully In The Nose He Will Keep Chasing You.I Suggest You Make Examples Of Them……… And I Don,t Mean Slap Their Hand…….WDA.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  10. This is the beginning of the end of my patients with you Dave

  11. Call on Jesus my fellow AMERICANS not much time left .

  12. Our weapons of warfare are not as you think Pray .

  13. If I had gold I would return to mattress stuffing. Trust AI running cyber currency and the foreigners who control, trust out of my financial vocab.

  14. I'm not sure about your theory about why people don't go to the malls any more, but for me, I'm not trusting the people who are there, lurking around after you leave your car, then there's the ones who beat you up bc of your clothes, at christmas, no place to park…lots of reasons.

  15. When will you discuss the affect this will have on the common citizens? Jobs, housing, retirements, social security that we've all paid in to. I don't understand , how do we get paid from employment with no dollar? I get how it affects the oil czars and the elite who are part of the corporate world. What happens to us? I get the impression WE are just SOOL..and then SHTF. So buy gold. That's not realistic . Prepping is fine..but long term depression is not sustainable for most. I trust there's a plan..but does the plan include us??

  16. I like dave..really. subscribed and watch his videos…but, some other very good journalistic people have found qanon stuff and debunked it..and wondering how Dave will handle this new information…we shall see.. Maybe he will apologize and thats all I need. I have been fooled plenty and I study much..I liked Dves talk of qanon, but fter more information, I find qanon not a source I want to pursue..sorry Dave, I think you are great but you may have made a mistake. I was falling for it too, so do not be mad at me for bringing it to light….you brng much really good info, and I will be a faithful supporter.

  17. Mess with the Federal Reserve and see how quick WW3 will start. The folks who control it control America's military too.

  18. Iran will continue negociating with EU using RippleNet and XRP

  19. It’s not bad enough that YouTube has to inject commercials, now we have to listen to you pushing noble gold company! You will have to be unsubscribed.

  20. President Trump sure seems like a helpful distraction from all this…

  21. I guess you didn't get the memo, they are going to a centralized cryptocurrency system and the cryptodollar is already in place.


  23. I agree and here is something else I would like to add.


  24. I'm sorry to say, but X22Report, you are so ignorant. Yuan is a JOKE.
    You honestly think that Chinese Yuan has a future?
    Yes, China is selling the US bond.
    However, it's not selling it so because it wants to disconnect from the Petrol Dollar system.
    China is getting rid of its foreign assets because it is drowning in debt, and China's foreign currency reserves are running low fast.
    In real life, Nobody trust Chinese Yuan. The Chinese people themselves don't trust their own currency!
    Yes, the US economy may be crashing. Yes, you may be heading into a new recession. That is a possibility.
    However… Yuan? China to taking over the World? No….
    China is sinking fast! Much much faster than the United States.
    The Chinese economy hit its peak most likely in 2013 (at the latest) and is now at the edge of the cliff.
    If you have time to spare in reporting the unlikely scenario of "the end of the central bank currency system",
    seriously , you should be making videos on "the 10 Trillion Dollar Crash of the Chinese economy".

  25. If you were told that relocating to a FEMA camp was for your own protection and it was “Part of the Plan,” would you go?

    How Many Lemmings Does it Take to Form a Movement? WTG1TGA
    Wishful Thinking, Doesn’t’t Man it So

  26. Do people know what real gold is? Anything made after 1913 it probably is not real.
    Don't be fools people if gold was that available they would have changed to it
    already……Not as you think people….the real gold belongs to a people.
    Crazy to think otherwise.

  27. YOU WILL BE RIGHT SOME DAY. A broken clock is right at least twice a day: Episode 3, 5 years ago "Proof The Economic Collapse is upon us" Episode 93, Episode 188 and you can find this same video theme every couple shows.

  28. The problem with our criminal government is much more basic than the petro dollar. Look at the government system that set up the petro dollar in the first place.

    The American Constitution was replaced with a corporate in 1871. That is what needs to dealt with. The petro dollar is simply one facet of the corporation of the United. States and all it's subsidiary corporations – states, counties, cities, school districts, utility districts, judicial districts, etc.

    America needs to be de-corporated. That is the basic problem, not the petro dollar.

    Many patriot programs such as X22 Report claim 2018 was the most important election ever. Such a ridiculous and worrisome claim gets made in every current election. It was.claimed for the 2016 election.

    I can think of at least four elections which resulted in catastrophic changes for America – 1860 after which half a million Americans were killed, 1868 which gave us the disasterous reconstruction era, 1912 which gave us the Fed and the IRS and WWl, 1932 which gave us Franklin Roosevelt and his many disasterous policies including WWll – much worse than Barack Obama.

    X22 Report is becoming an alarmist media. It should stop being so alarmist and go back to actually reporting real news.

  29. This is too funny. For years now the same alarm.

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