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Is the Market FINALLY Imploding on Itself?

Is the drop and selloff we’re seeing in the inventory markets the get started of a big undergo marketplace? Or is one thing else going on? We provide an explanation for.

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  1. You are the only financial person who I really listen to. You always back up your arguments/opinions with solid logic and numbers. Always educational high content with your videos Alessio. Great work.

  2. Good analysis!!! Congrats!

  3. Alessio has finally called a bad call. Stay away from this debt driven Bubble

  4. Dow 40k Dow theory baby

  5. Hambone Be cracken

    Don't be fearful investors now is the opportunity to buy,buy,buy,!!!! until it hurts

  6. halloween effect – alessio don't forget to take your medicinal cannabis!

  7. We haven't been this far below the 200 DMA since 2016,and before that, since 2008. The thing to watch is the bond market, not stocks. The 10 year yield going past 3.25 and staying there is what will cause the bear market.

  8. Interesting!
    Your SPY going back to $300 if happens it is a miracle. Where are the big boys going to recruit retail bulls from? Not many bulls left, they are in pain of getting trapped at the top.
    Tops are tested two times already this year, bull market is over.
    I'm sure you work for trading-banks, hedge funds and financial institutions advising false narratives to viewers and making money on the other side.

  9. Very good analysis, thank you!

  10. Did you say buy on halloween or halloween eve?

  11. When you buy crap like paper stocks that are over inflated ..be prepared to get your ass killed.
    You will wake up one morning to limit down and your account will get killed or wiped out.
    Stocks are the biggest trick in the book and will come home to get you ..Same with Bitcoin.
    worth —ZERO or very close to ZERO.

  12. great video as always, just wondering if you cover commodities in the members videos too or just crypto stocks and currency? thanks

  13. 300 hundred years ?? Are you sure mate?

  14. Артем Медведев

    Hello! Please include captions under this video.

  15. Wrong

  16. But you're the same biddy who made the video, "Why the Worst Market Crash EVER will happen in 2018" (emphasis yours).

    So, were you wrong in that video, or in this?

  17. This guy is trying to make you lose your money, don't listen to him. There's no reason why the prices should rise. We have a trade war, rising debt, increasing instability in the EU ect…

  18. Bitcoin and the stock market are going to zero

  19. What Flavor of crack are you smoking.Interest rates dude.

  20. Alessio Rastan, I got a message in my gmail account the other day from an account with your name, do you need me to pass on the message to you?

  21. if your theory were true there should be a bull kicking your balls, but you might be true unintentionally and the bear will kick your ass…

  22. Just a correction, real crash will happen in 2019 when ECB raises rates.

  23. Halloween must have been forgotten this year………… Not looking good…

  24. Losing trust here … sorry

  25. Any chance you can comment on Aurora and the cannabis sector? Would love to know what you think! Thanks for your analysis.

  26. The last crisis started in January, right? Oh no, it was in September and we have a great end of 2008. Halloween effect? What about St Patrick's or Santa Claus effect? Stop the BS.

  27. BTC weekly 200 is @ 3050. Hope 5800 holds. SPY & US markets are @ wk/mo key supports. that's why they say-dumb money panics here

  28. time to start getting into the dividends

  29. Excellent video Alessio and I absolutely agree, I do not think the markets are in for a further down turn…yet but this time next year I think it will be a different story.

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