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Is Ripple Dead? – Price Predictions – Ripple Should You Invest? – Ripple CryptoCurrency News

Is Ripple XRP lifeless? Price predictions for XRP in 2018! Ripple CryptoForeign money News!
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  1. I think Ripple will see a $5 price point MINIMUM by end of 2018 but more likely a $7 price point by the end of the year.

  2. XRP is evil.
    XRP is the C.I.A.
    You touch this stuff, you made a deal at the 'crossroads'.

  3. only Ripple going to survive in long term .. am dam sure… expecting at least $10

  4. I love your channel man. About how much longer would you say this fall in the market will continue? I'm trying to refrain from buying for the next day as I believe the downward trend will continue into the weekend.

    Also, what are your thoughts on Litecoin?

  5. l see xrp were going down till June. until Korean shutdown soon. no up but dream on?

  6. you sold your ripple for neb lets not forget that jack frost.

  7. just kidding jack nice job on all this.

  8. Digital Nomad Investor

    $XRP Ripple Here is the most complete list I've seen of companies working with Ripple (in various stages). Instead of stressing out about the price movement, dig in & do some research until $XRP goes back up! It's an impressive source of data on the project! http://gtgox.com/partners-of-ripple/

  9. Hey I've held XRP for about a year (As I have for XVG, DOGE, RDD etc etc). I'm holding onto it for sure. Been into crypto for 5 years so I'm not scared easily.

  10. 4050XRP was worth week ago 1.01BTC now is worth 0.4BTC WTF???

  11. i think ripple will go to the moon .. moneygram believes in it and coinsquare already announced they will put ripple on ! hold people .. if you dont want the ripples anymore sent it to me LOL my wallet address

  12. i bought at 2.68 , im a beginner and will hold till it gets negative 10.0

  13. Guys, is @dailypumping the same 50K followed pump group on discord ?

  14. I got mine at 2 cents…500$ worth…I be sitting on it untill the cows come home and lay eggs.

  15. It’s coming back

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  18. I got in at $0.22!!! I own 5,000 coins !! Ride the wave guys ride the wave

  19. I see it at $15 this year. Selling at $50 and $100.

  20. I'm confused by the way you speak like a cheap game show host when it's clear that's not your normal everyday voice. Please talk normally as your information is top notch. But haaaaaaard to listen to.

  21. The problem is Ripple is the antithesis of the mantra BTC put forth. I just can’t get behind them. I’d rather see money put back in control of the people, and this is entirely possible if everyone puts their faith in a real crypto.

  22. Top coin: !(Cyber)! 80 000 000supply. 1000%+

  23. I think you should be buying on these lows. It's common sense. Buy low sell high. Duh. The wells are buying as we watch it go side ways. This is the low they will knock it to when they let the prices rise high. Then they will dump and get more money and rebuy at low price again and start all over.

  24. All coin is going to die. .

  25. Wolf of Day Trading

    hey brother your voice is very annoying. thanks

  26. Any good ripple wallet?

  27. Pray that the Korean government will not do stupid things again.. I lost $90000 in 10 hours..

  28. rp2diYfVtpbgEMyaoWnuaWgFCAkqCAEg28/1007001324
    give me ripple coin ,please T.T

  29. Crypto Conversations

    Nice video

  30. Ripple protocol doesn't need RIpple tokens… at all. Don't know why everyone is so bullish on the tokens.

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  32. Leave it! Now…………..!

  33. Ripple is centralised AF, just another way for banks to accumulate more BTC/ETHER as those are the pairs mostly traded with XRP. For those of you that think XRP will be 10 dollars any time soon, you're saying you expect a 1 trillion market cap? thats double the whole of the crypto market cap and 6x Bitcoin. Also XRP will be obsolete this year, what selling point does it have other than fast tps? Plasma and Lightning Network is being released this year, LN already being implemented as we speak, that's 1,000,000 tps.

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  35. Ripple Will not hit 5$ or 10$ 2018! DOWN a bit more! 0.3-0.5 before climbing slowly again!

  36. Ripple faith Ripple lovers fast service .. good coin good investors. Support me ripple here.

  37. yes ıt ıs dead, IOST will beat riplle wait for the action. Now it is only 4 cents :))

  38. With regulation becoming a reality these days it could plough the big coins. Ripple is running with the regulators so better in the long run. Can you think what would happen if the US had to clamp down on the Crypto scene like in China? Could shoot this coin through the roof in a short time. Everyone saying don't go with regulated stock but at some point its all going to be centralized.

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