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Is OCN About to Moon Shot? – Should You Buy OCN Odyssey – CryptoCurrency News

Is OCN about to moon shot? Should you purchase OCN Odyssey CryptoForex News!
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  1. This token is gonna be huge!!! Definitely a x10 opportunity here

  2. Does anyone know what website these guys/ majority of people use to buy these smaller currency's

  3. He missed a lot of information.. check out my twitter I will be posting constant news/steemit posts about this coin tomorrow @tronnews_

  4. After so much research on this coin. I will not ever watch another one of your videos you absolutely butchered this coin. I thought you New what you were talking about but after you reviewing this coin and saying that it’s going to go down to 5 cents makes 0 sense. There is a 4b circulating supply rn.

  5. Pump and Dump

  6. AWS = Amazon Web Services – It's the cloud Service Platform by Amazon

  7. I really don't know why I'm still subscribing to his channel. I always have doubt what he is saying always trying to say non sense idea for a month.

  8. Ian James Creeden

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  9. Zac, can you please do a TRX giveaway on here or on twitter! I'm sure there are plenty of Tron supporters who follow you 🙂

  10. Moooooooonnn

  11. Seen so many vids about cryptos going to the moon… dont know wich one to believe..


  13. The Last Son of Crypto

    never heard of it

  14. The Last Son of Crypto

    damn it's at 11 now.

  15. Amazing project, solid, great team. Just buy it!

  16. I love your channel! Keep it up.
    Did you have time to check out Trinity (TNC)? I'd love your opinion. Thanks for a great show!

  17. 10 billion or 10 million

  18. Hey guys, which is its website? I would like to read its white paper. Many thanks

  19. Nicolás Orellana

    How about a video about the new bitfinex cryptos, rlc aid sng rep elf rcn !!! That would be awesome

  20. Only until Today you can earn free 68 IOST Token by retweeting: https://t.iost.io/?c=UfXCxWZA

  21. Your the moon man

  22. It currently dipped back to 650+ sats from almost 1000 sats. This will easily get back to 10 cents in a few days, possibly 15 cents in less than 2 weeks time. just bought $1000 worth of coins at 650 <3 Cup and handle incoming. To the moon!!

  23. Can you check out telcoin? I'm torn between investing more on it or not. I have like $500 in it. Thanks

  24. Thanks for your indepth research on the coins, its very informative. Keep up the good works.

  25. Richard Richardson

    Stop pinching your nose when you talk. You sound like a cheesy infomercial wanna be radio host

  26. Richard Richardson

    OCN will be $1-2 before it drops off. 2B coins, 2B more being released in March. $2B / 2B coins = $1 (Tron had $22B at $.30 usd)

  27. If you wanna drop $1000 on a coin right now for a long term 12 to 36 month investment. Where would you put it.
    ??? SO MANY

  28. Make Money With Clickbank


  29. What is happening with WAX, had a $150Mil market cap drop at once

  30. You my Cryptogod! Bought OCN at 0.03 and gonna HODL HODL HODL.

  31. Tron is doing a similar thing no?

  32. Someone is trying to steal money from your subscribers!!! Read comment under your comment in BAT video!!

  33. It's sequoia capital, not a Chinese company. Also those include media partners, not necessarily business partners. AWS = amazon web services, not amazon world systems. It's used by most tech companies for hosting their tech stack, and it's probably just where their system is hosted on. As far as the product goes, the only partner just seems to be obike and tron.


  35. The IBM partnership is not a direct partnership they are just using their tech I believe…. Same goes for AWS (Amazon) they are probably hosting their system on their services. These partnerships are extremely deceiving

  36. Hey man! Thanks for the review! did u go indepth by any chance with checking the background of tech team and the usage of token in the next 6 month?

  37. 1. You did not even read the white paper, or you would have been able to tell us more about it vs. telling us to read it due to "lots of information".

    2. Also misrepresented the current state of the project or was missing information entirely.

    3. No mention of any of the actual partnerships or who even owns OBike which is the bike sharing platform the coin will be used on in the coming months.

    4. no mentions of they having a massive partnership with Grab which is a Ride/ Bike share company and also investment company

    5. No mention of Didi Chuxing who is the no.1 transportation share riding economy which also has an investment within Grab for 2 billion dollars.

    6. You mentioned technology, but have no clue how they are going to use the actual function of the technology within the bike share economy as their first trial/ stress test usage.

    7. Justin Sun has no pull or push on success of this coin. OCoin (transportation industry), TRX (Entertainment Media)

    8. Sharepay which is the largest Fintech payment company in Singapore will be facilitating the actual transactions via RFID IoT QR Scans.

    3 years? where did you get 3 years from? Literally just made it up, its being implemented right now as we speak.

    My cousin told me to check this video out b/c I have Ocoin and I also come from the Car Share Mobility industry. After viewing your video and reviewing your review, you've provided nothing but words being read off a paper.

    The recommendation I gave to my cousin was to unsub from you, very dangerous information (or lack there of), in terms of fundamental business investing.

    GL and hope the viewers haven't lost too much following your presentations. I really don't know how much longer the "Lucky Strike" youtubers will be able to keep up this guise for reviews as most of the "right calls", have naturally been due to the large numbers of new money coming into the market.

  38. good job. Great effort, most haters are eager for a nostradamus!

  39. #trx #ocn #cryptocurrency #ocoin
    If your not on Binance then you bloody well should be … especially OCN holders as your coin will be listed in March and go through the roof.
    Follow my link and register and yes I get a referal reward (Full Disclosure)


  40. sounds like an auctioneer…

  41. Anyone notice the OCN connection to Tron on Justin's twitter page? OCN is a sleeper and will move with Tron's price soon but it is half of Tron now. Take a look at his twitter page.

  42. whatever you guys do dont use Kucoins exchange 2 form factor broken lucky I only had $18

  43. 1.4 cents now, absolute steal. It's pretty much absolute bottomed in the well

  44. Long term hold for sure.

  45. Got in @ 0.007 such a sleeper coin

  46. ocn can easely hit 1$ per token, buy now 1000$ and earn 100k$ before 2020

  47. Serious bags

  48. Mark Mulkerrin

    AWS stands for amazon web services. I can’t believe you haven’t learned that some time between 1 and 120,000 subscribers on your page.

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