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Is Bitcoin A SCAM? Cryptocurrency Market Bouncing Back!

The crypto marketplace is booming as altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Icon, Ethereum, Litecoin, NULS and plenty of extra are seeing great positive factors. Can Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency marketplace proceed this development?


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  1. Love your videos B!!

  2. Why a video with such a stupid title?
    You are just creating fud

  3. Just because you can pay for things with bitcoin doesn't make it an efficient way of paying. It makes a rediculous payment method.

  4. TUDAI!!!

  5. fk'n great vid!

  6. Review oyster pearl please

  7. Even Carlos Matos doesnt think its a scam, but his wife doesnt believe in him


  9. Its obvious whales withdrew to see how long it would go. Once they saw it wasnt dropping low wnough thanks to us on the alt coin. They thought fuck it lets throw it back in

  10. LMFAO!! "For all you nerds out there!" That's some funny stuff.

  11. I'm amazed that you get the value of crypto but fail to see the value of gold. It's not a crappy metal (highly reflective used in space, doesn't corrode or tarnish, and can be melted down and refined over and over for thousands of years as a asset class) I suggest you do a little more research before dogging previous metals. Also nobody knows what intrinsic value Bitcoin for instance will have once mining ends. Will it be the top coin to hold who knows then.

  12. ZClassic MAN!! I ve been in it for 2 days. Steady, Big Gains!!!

  13. Can I ask why that EVERY market review that you do, you move straight over XRP everytime????

  14. M Daniel Rodríguez

    You're genuine man! Thks!

  15. Great video B
    I think in 5 weeks from know market cap will be around 700 billions…..

  16. Love your vids!!!!

  17. You rock B Nice Job 😀

  18. DigiByte to the moooooonnnnnn

  19. I bought some ontology. My altcoin of choice right now. That and eos.

  20. Paypal, Visa…they are the AltaVista's of the 1990's, unless they embrace Bitcoin.

  21. Is there a Top in EOS ONT?
    I try to sell some to buy back lower, but I keep buying at higher prices!

  22. CME futures expiration games!
    Keep an eye on the 3 PM CST times. The CME Price is set then. So their bots' algorithm can be decoded easily: They drove it down to $8800's and the shorts profited. As more longs closed out positions, or went short, then they went long on the BTC futures expiring Friday 3 PM CST, and they purchased huge amounts right after 3 PM CST Thursday! They wanted about $500 and they accomplished it! The shorts panicked and covered. Then they tried hard to bring it back down to $8800's by Friday 3 PM CST. Keep an eye on the CME expiration dates going forward. I personally traded right into their game, as it is obvious to track.

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