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IOTA Cryptocurrency Review – The Tangle is Taking Over

IOTA and the tangle are slowing taking up the web of items. In this video we give a snappy wreck down of what Iota is all about and discover the partnerships and controversies surrounding IOTA.

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  1. the market is tanking and you are pumping IOTA? WTF lol

  2. Finally more and more positive IOTA news. Thank you crypto lark, good job. Peeps, follow IOTA and their founders on twitter. IOTA will become one of the top currencies with few trillions in marketcap. 1000x from today. Cheers

  3. Hahaha a DAG! You know what a dag is in NZ huh Lark? 😉

  4. IOTA is a fraud and shouldn't even be compared to blockchain. It operates just like a bank only the bank databases aren't plagued with problems. The Iota network is controlled by a “coordinator” which has the power to alter account balances and disrupt service while its developers try to deal with the legion of bugs that trouble the codebase. If IOTA one day develops something even remotely decentralised, then it could be compared to blockchain.

  5. Thank you Lark! 66K subscribers is an insult to your great content! Should be 200K!

  6. Mathew Polaschek

    Hey Lark, great overview. Nicely presented and balanced, which is a real change from a lot of the FUD that seems to constantly surround their project.

    I have seen Dominik Schiener (founder) discussing Smart Contracts and he said they are definitely working on them, but they are being built on top as a second layer function, not as part of the core IOTA protocol. So they won't look the same as the Ethereum SC.

    They are also working on IXI hub which is a plug 'n' play program for exchange integration. This means their token can be listed on more exchanges and are also trying to integrate this into the stock market detaching it from being pegged to Bitcoin.

  7. This is the MOST biased review you've ever done. I mean… you never mentioned a single issue with IOTA! Like never! So what, now IOTA is perfect and has no problems and has all the potential? You should consider redoing this video, seriously! You're much better than a shill for such a centralized cryptocurrency that doesn't have a wallet that has a node software that even fails at generating a random seed securely! I mean… it's plain stupidity! There's tons of bad practises in this project that range from assumptions that are not backed by anything except promises up to bad cryptography practices!

    Btw, I used to be a fan of IOTA, but researching taught me a lot. Maybe you should research more. So IOTA shills, bring it on!

  8. I would like to say I think Iota needs to fix there wallet, got 2.2 k lost in pending.. hours wasted attaching and reattaching..mentally exhausting.. I have given up…I spend fcking hours trying to recover my funds.. joke.. who has this kind of time… hopefully their​ new wallet can fix the issue and my funds magically show up… So if you want to take hours personally creating the wallet, and then have it disappear your funds go hard.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxucFPZ_MSc
    I think their bigger goal is for everyone to be able to sell their data instead of having major companies profit from it via siri, alexa or google home. What Iota is trying to do is awesome. Whether they will succeed is still to be determined.

  10. If IOTA is so brilliant why has the price gone from $4 to $1?

  11. Iota is a turd. Will never work. Team is horrible. This is one of the few times we have disagree. If you can't make a working wallet what can you do?

  12. wow, alot of good partners on this, time to load up on this coin iota, or is it miota, whos order? this gets too confusing some times. hell, ill buy all them coins up.

  13. Man, i miss the live chat videos on things going on. Its like the first video i keep looking for to watch. While i have my coffee and breakfast.

  14. My advise? Quit smoking, drinking, running around all night, get some real exercise, eat clean healthy foods, and then live long enough to watch what quantum computers do to the Blockchain algos.

  15. Great video Lark. I really like IOTA.You helped me understand again why 🙂

  16. Thanks Lark. Really trying to grab as much IOTA as I can. Hopefully I will be ready when the AI takes over 🙂

  17. Awesome idea for a new segment

  18. IOTA sucks.

  19. cpchain the future IOTA

  20. "Where are they now?" haha, love it.

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  22. Oyster Pearl (PRL) is using the Tangle network

  23. Luiz Gabriel Correia de Lima

    Do you think that criptocurrencies are going to replace government currencies one day?

  24. Why no Tezos review? One of the largest ICOs and you've never mentioned it….

  25. digibyte hidden gem

  26. 21 Richard Heart followers disliked this video.

  27. Jason Fan Club

    Do you think it makes sense to buy IOTA and DAC now? There are not many use cases yet and the currencies can have an inflation because more coins can be produced.

    So this means the value won't increase a lot, right?

  28. Jose Ramon Fernandez

    I supposed that IOTA was amazing, till the wallet start to have issues. Right now the balance in my wallet is 0, and I supposedly to should have 1G IOTA. Go to fuck IOTA.

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