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Industry movers discuss growth, massive inclusion for Bitcoin Cash at the CoinGeek Conference

At the inaugural CoinGeek Conference, trade movers got here in combination to discuss expansion and mass adoption for Bitcoin Cash.

The audio system for the panel have been nCrypt is Chief Operating Officer Angela Holowaychuk, CoinText CTO and lead developer Vin Armani, Handcash co-founder Alex Agut, Global Poker’s General Manager Jonas Ödman, and Purse.io Senior Developer Steven Bower.

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  1. Frederik Harmer

    bch will so win long term

  2. PropsOnBrainOff FPV

    well done! reat presentations. handle system is a must IMO.

  3. you just gotta love Jimmy Ngyuen! I think he plays an important role as BCH ambassador.

  4. Bitcoin BCH gets it! we need have mass adoption fast. One thing I would I will like to see on Bitcoin BCH is a privacy feature.

  5. Vin is such a narcissist. He always finds a way to make everything about him and that reality show that no one watched. "I'm a celebrity!" Um.. no you're not. LOL! I wouldn't trust that guy with a bottle of water.

  6. In the last few months the Bitcoin Cash community has gotten super professional. Its turning into a real industry.

  7. Where are all the troll bots? Did their algorithms miss this video?

  8. #redenominate2dominate
    Let's move to bits and Satoshi's for adoption, stop measuring in whole BCH units. Easier to get people to understand micro payments when a bit is sub-cent. Even at $100,000k/Bitcoin it's only 10c/bit. Move the decimal 6 places -> right

  9. BCH is kicking ass.
    I'm so proud of these excellent people. Their motives are to spread digital cash. This digital cash is going to save your children's sovereignty.

  10. Wow what an excellent panel. Excited for BCH

  11. Why not use 'unit', 1 unit equals 1 bit.

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