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Their comes a time in each guy’s lifestyles when he will have to ask for forgiveness for a mistake he has made. After additional analysis I did to find electroneum is not going to need to fork however relatively an replace will likely be rolled out of February fifth. The exchanges and likewise the mining swimming pools will likely be notified of the repair
as soon as once more I’m sorry!

I am no longer a monetary guide and this isn’t monetary recommendation. All the guidelines on this video are my reviews and private perspectives and are on no account to persuade you to shop for promote or grasp any crytocurrency.

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  1. Bro, YouTubers like you and datadash add more value to the YouTube community. We really appreciate your concern for your subscribers. One of the late videos on altcoinbuzz (clearly sponsored) shows the misuse of his power over his channel, YouTube has very less regulations when it comes to advertising or promotion of any content, I'm just one of the concerned individual in the community who doesn't want the YouTube to end up like Facebook(banning anything related to crypto) coz honest and genuine guys like you and 'the engine3r' with good intentions get on YouTube trying to help others and people like altcoinbuzz bring everyone down along with them.

  2. It was still good to know that you are cautious man. Now, I see a Spider-Man mug I HODL.

  3. good job, many people don't realize the value of an honest apology when required. have watshed you many times but now subscribed . Im not that shalow but realized if your able to do that you will be careful with your future videos and that is value to me .

  4. Takes a real man to admit his mistakes! well done sir, well done.

  5. You are good and you are trustworthy not like the other crypto clowns but please spend more time sorting out the facts —in this day and age i know is difficult ETN at 6 cents it doesn't matter what you say 6 cents is 6 cents lol

  6. Hi buddy.bro very big appreciate for both videos , I think it happens but for me you don't need to apologize man I don't think you have done anything wrong

  7. OMG I sold my 1,000,000 because of your last video. Lol

  8. BangChief AllIsOne

    Salute Bradda!! Peace

  9. John Christopher Velayo Tantoco

    OMG the price now is $.05 cents!!! Who cares!!!

  10. Love and Respect!

  11. You have earned my Respect

  12. https://bitindia.co/vote.html please do video on this !

  13. We all stick our foot in our mouths sometimes. No one here was upset. To revive a 1970s phrase from the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. (Keep on truckin') We'll make it … Keep on minin'!

  14. Thx for owning up. Reminder, if down from ur predetermined target exit price…sell. U will be better off in the long run.

  15. Didn’t see your video on it but many people misunderstood. And other than that your content has been awesome and on point! Much respect to you!

  16. what fork ?????

  17. Badshah Satta Matka Badshah

    This is best time to buy etn

  18. Hey i was wondering if you can tell me how to cash out electroneum. I know that right now its not worth much but in the future if i ever want to cash out i wouldnt know how. Ive tryed exchanging other coins like once i tryed buying $50 of (Nem) with etherem but i guess i didnt do it right and i lost that money. Can you do a video or just tell me the steps to cash out electroneum.

  19. Live & learn bud. You're doing ok.

  20. A man with integrity is a man who can apologize – good for you!!!!

  21. Some guy on Facebook with the Electroneum logo and name is spam messaging people to some fake site that is claiming to double your investment…. THIS IS A SCAM!!! and has nothing to do with our beloved Electroneum so DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
    Might want to add that in to your next update video CC1607… go check it out, you can see the spam messages on the replies to the latest Electoneum news on Facebook where they talk about getting on QRYPTOS.

  22. have a Problem. I send my etn to my mobile wallet after that i send 40k etn to my offline paper wallet. Now in the status is "Faild error code 16". I dont now why this happend, my balance is now 0. But the Transaction fee is 0,04

  23. Where you been at friend? Haven't had video from you in a while. Miss the knowledge drop and energy you bring.

  24. WHERE DID U GO!!!!!!!!

  25. Hey! Get over here and make a fucking movie!! Sumtin about etn being awesome by preference

  26. Shocked you disappeared.. inspired me to make my own channel on crypto.. come back soon please!!

  27. John Christopher Velayo Tantoco

    Its been two weeks since your last video I hope that you are okay!!!

  28. Hey! How are you doing? Is everything alright?

  29. Hey bro. Any updates? We haven't heard from you in a while

  30. The miner is out and no video from you? Where are you at?

  31. бисноват

    Bro whered you go?

  32. BigBullHorn!!!!!

    Where ya at brother. Come back pls!!!!!!!!!

  33. Where did you go brother? Miss your videos

  34. dude?

  35. Shameer Kadalayi

    Hello boss where r u ? No any updates? Waiting your videos

  36. dude, where are you? Still around?


  38. where are you bro? you okay?

  39. Hey man, get back on the horse… Been a while since you uploaded a video

  40. Missing your videos! come baaaack. I think the market went down because you left the scene?!

  41. Why arent you back? ETN is dying lol They killed themselves… Enjoyed your videos ;p Come back 😀

  42. what's up brother … we're missing you!!
    is everything okay dude ?

  43. Yeah where have you gone?

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