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I Got Paid on Hashflare! | Bitcoin Mining Contract still Profitable

I Got Paid on Hashflare! | Bitcoin Mining Contract still Profitable

Join Hashflare HERE: https://goo.gl/WXZZsV

Best Hashflare Mining Pool: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15W5EuyMo7zO4SxysxmRUp3NT7nKoyyI99rZAeRBKbyY/htmlview#gid=0

Find me on FB right here: https://goo.gl/DD8G6g

Hashflare provides cloud mining contracts in quite a lot of cryptocurrencies.

The Sha-256 bitcoin mining contracts are successful in this day and age.

Watch the video for the way I calculate profitability primarily based on how a lot hash energy you buy. Entry issues for terribly low for amateur traders.

Join Hashflare HERE:


Find me on FB right here:


**Remember guys there at all times a possibility with any funding so watch out and simplest make investments what you’ll manage to pay for to lose. Good good fortune to everybody!

Do your analysis and your personal due diligence prior to making an investment anyplace**

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  1. If I only have $10, is it possible to get profit quickly?

  2. Glad to hear the withdrawals are back. I'm still building for the next 6 weeks, but it is good to know the company has worked through this issue. On to the MOON! 🙂

  3. Great to hear that difficulty is expected to decrease. The fact that these contracts are now 16% more profitable is fantastic.

  4. Crypto Aya Currency

    That's good

  5. awesome, i guess i really need to find a way to make a payment from my bank for some hash power since i got no crypto to start.

  6. Congratz! I invested in sha-256 and hit the reinvest button. Will this automatically reinvest my earnings everyday or do I need to hit the reinvest button everyday? If it is automatically reinvested, how can I reverse this option in case I want to withdraw some day? Thanks

  7. Whats the redeem code for when i try to purchase it? Do i need to key in any code for extra discount?

  8. Christopher Thurman

    i put 1k into hashflare last night still waiting on it to update so i can see an average

  9. Thanks for the good news. Glad they resolved the transfers.

  10. Thanks for the great video

  11. I Signed up under your Hashflare acct, sorry I was already in USI.

  12. Hey, I purchased sha-256 contract of 1TH/s. How much time it will take to update my earnings? Right now it's been 20 hours. Thank you.

  13. Your videos are great. I have been bored lately with all the FUD from everyone and started searching for some new more honest people making videos. I think I have found the place. Between you and one other person. I am now in Hashflare. Thanks for all the info and will be waiting for your next video.

  14. How do you decide what pools to use?

  15. Khawaja Ghayasuddin

    So in case of a credit card purchase we know that it will be on a hold for 14 days so does it mean that after 14 days of a successful purchase they will start calculating our profit from the 15th day or our profit calculation will be from the first day of the 14 day hold period.

  16. Khawaja Ghayasuddin

    We saw in one of your video that you put 20 percent and in one 17 percent. For beginners like us in order to put the correct pool fee we want to know how is it calculated.

  17. Thanks for the videos Jen and the calculator, i just purchased a mining contract through your link. Looking forward to some gains.

  18. after watching all these video, I too have invested for 5ths with hashflare.. let's hope it's legit.. https://hashflare.io/r/A38A446F

  19. What ever happen to your Bitconnect 100$ investment?? Why you stop uploading updates ?

  20. i made a purchase $15,000 bitcoin on Hashflare from my bittrex account on Sunday,TxId: 6fcb048444b8c6dc894741c1660e9bc5e50cac16cc07a6dfa689c25658452e3a I got a confirmed invoice in email it's been over 2 days, no respond, no credit,, WTF, DO NOT invest in in Hashflare, they aren't allowed you to withdraw yet. THEY EVEN INCREASED THE PRICE., anyone can help me to connect with them, to get my credit to my account or return my bitcoin, i'll be happy to send you $500 bitcoin. Thanks in advance. (IM so freaking out, after losing $20k in chaingroup, now Hashflare is killing me)

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  22. After how much time i will be able to see my first payout.i bought 1.69 TH first time .today

  23. I'm new to this crypto currency stuff. Where can I go to learn how to invest in Bitcoin, lite coin, etherium? I don't have tons of money to invest' only a minimum. Very interesting video on Bitcoin.

  24. No need to wait for Genesis Mining or Hashflare guys. you can get a lifetime / open ended Bitcoin mining contract from CCG Mining. Get it before it's sold out like Genesis! Use my link as a token of appreciation. Thanks! 🙂 https://www.ccgmining.com/aff.php?aff=812

  25. You make great videos, I learn a lot from you. Keep up the great job!

  26. I'm a little confused about this app that you've used. I've received and checked it out and many say that this app is a scam. What other apps that you've used that I may check on to find it to be legit?

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