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How to Use IDEX! – IDEX Tutorial – IDEX CryptoCurrency Exchange How To

This video will train you ways to use IDEX. This educational will cross over growing an account and creating a purchase order. IDEX CryptoCurrency!
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  1. 10$ to $7.19 to buy in . lol. wow. I guess you need to buy more.

  2. Kalifornia Love

    Thank for the guide a lot of potential on idex


  3. Charlie Jacobs

    been with you since the start always a morale booster!! cheers


  4. Thank you Zac you are the best!

  5. pilgrim's progress

    SOMEBODY HELP ME! Is there an exchange I can use that's within the us that my bank or the exchange ie. Coinbase that won't charge me an international processing fee on top of their already outrageous transfer fees?

  6. I like it!


  7. Sjef Dun Eerste

    Nice thnx

  8. Alter Goldstein

    So whats your next pump prediction?

  9. Brandon Crawford

    Great video dude I'm getting in now..

  10. Probably i will do idex one day, but atm i stick with bancor for small projekts.
    LTC: MUD9tPqogijAtQCfHkbmEXoCTULg6D6EQp

  11. Great tutorial. The small cap gems on Idex certainly worth the risk.

  12. Nice tutorial


  13. Great video as always man keep I️t up!

  14. Now this is golden! I was planning to figure it out some day, but I don't need to lose time with that!
    Thanks for sharing!

    LTC Wallet: LQC24FckZJmqzQUSzhD1bzov8VuefheRpt

  15. João Figueiredo

    Nice job.


  16. Thanks. Good info!!!


  17. Great video was looking to see how to start trading on IDEX and you come thru as always Keep up the great work.

  18. nice video
    ltc :LLzpMCpwozehTjXnsQUtbDHWKfkyot5oyD

  19. Thanks for this Zac… Finally there's a proper guide for this.


  20. Mary Lancaster

    More videos like this please

  21. Great video as always!!!! LTC:

  22. Great tutorial, nothing worked btw ! Try doin some prep work perhaps…. if ur trying to tutor ur audience. Maybe the minimum buy order is $50 I guess that’s what 22.5% of minimum order was that u just nonchalantly skipped by, oh and the previous warning pop up of min 0.04 eth withdrawal pop up ignored too…and maybe more importantly the send entire balance action only sent about 70% of ur entire balance leaving like 3% or so in ur wallet…hmmm any explanation would have been quite valuable tbf . I mean pathetic really considering…

  23. yahoo- thx – bought a couple hundred quark – LYXJYxhwAeiQA1feMNNEf1AzqwfbwvWBCP

  24. Thank you for this vid that's awesome!

  25. Morpheus Network!!

  26. michael bonacci

    I love the fact that you explain how to use the decentralized exchanges! Its all about decentralized crypto! One project Ive heard that is based off ethereum and decentralized is fr8network!

  27. Thanks for another Great video, Awesome info… I like SciDex… Can't wait for the Mass adoption

  28. Have been thinking of day trading. Thanks for IDEX now too.

  29. Can you do a stop loss on IDEX?

  30. 2 questions:
    1. Do I have to move my tokens to the new listing exchange to see the gains?
    2. What hardware wallet is best for these tokens?
    Thank you

  31. Thanks for all the great info! I would like more videos like this for sure!

  32. I try to withdraw my ETH from IDEX account to my wallet. I get a message "Nonce too low. Please refresh and try again." Ive tried to log out and log in many times, but it is still not working. Please help.

  33. why a versa? are they your sponsor?

  34. Christopher Hampton

    I lost 50,000 pundi and 75,000 tel coin on idex because I went to the wrong site. Smh I bout pundi back when it was .005 this is heart breaking. Listen to Zach he know what he’s talking about.

  35. That idex is intresting. It is sure best place to buy, if it is to most coin first exhange.


  36. I prefer to use the Bancor Network as a DEX, because I like the idea of IDEX but it is just painfully slow and Bancor Network is super fast and you can do Atomic Swaps.

  37. Greetings from Tonga – Cheers Zach, I hav enot used Idex in a while and needed a refresher, LTC: LVbPrtfV19V9B7ThqQqTCwVeQAzdKZ72wu

  38. I have been using IDEX and it is garbage. Everything is a problem! What a mess!

  39. Robert Campbell

    unsafe w private key on exchange

  40. This is a great video. Thank you especially for highlighting the safety tips for all the new traders. We hope to bring you more great projects!

  41. what happens if you click "new wallet" on their exchange? Is that method more complex?

  42. Are they based in the US? Does this exchange have a risk of being shut down by the SEC? Do you think Binance could be getting shut down soon from the SEC?

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