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How to use Bitcoin Cash in OpenBazaar

We are proud to announce Bitcoin Cash and Zcash (Beta) integration in OpenBazaar! Download: https://openbazaar.org/download

With this replace customers will have the ability to create new nodes for processing Bitcoin Cash and Zcash (Beta) bills, respectively.

OpenBazaar already permits consumers to fund their wallets with various cryptocurrencies thru Shapeshift, however ahead of this free up all transactions have been nonetheless resolved with Bitcoin. With the upward thrust in Bitcoin community charges in 2017, it turned into transparent that OpenBazaar customers wanted make stronger for cryptocurrencies with charges which are extra suited to small to medium sized transactions ASAP.

This free up is step one in opposition to permitting extra choices for cryptocurrencies in OpenBazaar. It contains local make stronger for nodes the use of one cryptocurrency at a time, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or ZCash.

This educational is for a way to arrange a Bitcoin Cash node on Windows regardless that it’s easy and typically applies to Mac and Linux machines as neatly.

More currencies and a couple of forex make stronger in keeping with node are on our roadmap for long term releases.

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  1. Stick to the real, decentralized Bitcoin. Bcash has no future for many reasons, but this is the most important to point out and easier to understand: It is a centralized altcoin with a few crappy devs, controlled and manipulated by a few rich unethical and non-technical individuals and some Chinese miners. They have money to pump and they have tools to deceive like Bitcoin;com(fake site, the real Bitcoin website is Bitcoin.org), on Twitter @Bitcoin is an impostor also and r/btc (fake bitcoin forum, the real one is r/bitcoin), NewsBitcoin;com, Bitcoin;com fake website and Wallet and other fake stuff named after the real Bitcoin. Roger Ver is a well-known scammer.

  2. Bcash is a centralized altcoin, it has nothing to do with the decentralized Bitcoin.

  3. Please don't promote scams like bcash.

  4. Awesome work… this market has so much potential. Thanks for adding Bitcoin cash and Zcash.

  5. Thanks for this video, you should also create one showing how to deal with moderation.

  6. I can see that Base58 format is not available for Bitcoin Cash addresses. Please enable it because Bech32 format is not preferred by everyone and will probably never be fully adopted.

  7. Thanks so much for this guys.. I'm following this project for about 2 years now and this is starting to become a really great piece of software. Please don't mind all the brainless groupthinkers from /r/bitcoin hating it that you give users a choice

  8. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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  10. The idea that you need to run a different server for bitcoin and another one for bitcoin cash is limiting. Is is because they run on seperate block chains?

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