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How to set up PCIe Risers for a GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

Buy PCIe Risers right here: https://goo.gl/CreKg3

Easily attach a couple of GPU’s to a motherboard for a GPU mining rig. For this video we constructed a cryptocurrency mining rig so you’ll see how simple it’s to attach all of the GPU’s the usage of the PCIe Risers.

Let me know within the feedback when you’ve got any questions.

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  1. How did you attached the GPU's to the frame?

  2. Hey there, you shouldn't power your Risers with SATA, especially not the cheap chinese adapters they often come with. Please check: https://youtu.be/QRqjBVDwruQ

  3. Hi do I need to remove the plastic pad from the riser cards
    Which is under the board ?

  4. I have an ASROCKS mobo a 1070 ti and a 1050 ti on the mobo pcie slots. I bought a riser but i cant get the mobo to read the 3rd gpu on the riser. It powers up but no bios setting i do works… am i doin it wrong?

  5. Don't use the SATA connection. Garbage. You risk overheating. https://www.gpuminingrigs.com/guides/how-to-correctly-use-and-install-pci-e-riser-cards/

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