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How To: Pick a Winning Crypto-Coin

How to select a excellent coin in crypto?

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*that is a data channel, it’s not that i am a approved monetary adviser & I don’t supply private funding recommendation. Any prediction made
in this channel will have to now not be taken actually and are made primarily based off my very own analysis on a specific corporate/ coin. It’s not that i am
affiliated with any crypto corporate in anyway…. any information, prediction, replace this is posted in this channel was once carried out thru
analysis. All data discovered right here, together with any concepts, reviews, perspectives, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, ideas,
or Crypto alternatives, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, leisure or instructional functions handiest and will have to NOT be
construed as private funding recommendation. INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD*

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  1. Return of kilafat Imaam Mahdi a. s


  2. Return of kilafat Imaam Mahdi a. s

    Chutiye awsm

  3. suppp nigga, great video .good morning from ireland.

  4. I believe in only one crypto…. Yes ELECTRONEUM. HODLgang, HODLgang, HODLgang, Woooohhh

  5. where's your telegram group? HODL GANG

  6. Bytecoin is at all time low and will hit one dollar in next bull run

  7. 50K ETN Will Be Life Changing For Everyone

    Yeah my crypto amount in my portfolio from highest to lowest are:
    1) etn – 50%
    2) xrp – 40%
    3) ada – 10%

  8. I've posted an article before to help guide people as well. ^^"


  9. My favourites are:

  10. Hodling ETN smashed many this year to pre-ICO prices. trading it cautiously would probably have netted me 5 to 10x the amount of ETN…which is what I'd rather have-more etn to Hodl and some to spend, still being up on my investment in etn volume.

  11. Crypto Quartercrawler


  12. Good videos maybe u can make video about ur ref code what is this give new joining, how much they win if they use ur code.

  13. can we have 2 device in 1 account

  14. Again a good video whit alot of information keep it going i like the stuf you make for us.
    Greeting from your fans in the netherlands

  15. Are you still sticking with your price prediction?

  16. Well said my man!

  17. Wise words if ever spoken

  18. At first Ive got into etn because of it name hahaha, because when i stop and take a look at rich people names, they are not normal, they have some meaning, like BILL GATES, Jobs, Larry PAGE, and a lot of famous people have some meaning in their names, so thata the first thing I look, I think people get caught at a product name first, then they buy it and try it, I mean professional traders and investors are not the same as me, but the majority od people are and now in this times when mass adoption is main goal, then 99% of people are like me, we dont understand investments and we will look name of the thing we buy. That's just my thoughts. My last name have meaning, bad meaning MAN DICK, so either ill be some poor guy all my life, like I am now poor in every single way, or ill be rich, we will see.

  19. this is the system I use for picking a coin S P A R K

    Sound business plan

    Pass the initial funding goa,l get in before close,at least %75 is bought

    A solid team

    Remarkable white paper,easy to understand.Not complicated

    Key solution for unsatisfied need solve a real world need

  20. Dorado!! Scam or what?

  21. I have been watching you channel for a while now.

    I bought 7000 ETN on binance and sent it to the mobile app On Tuesday afternoon I could not get access to the app after I did a password change I logged on to find it had gone I emailed etn but they said there was nothing they could do. what can I do now the etn was sent to etnkK41HsyNUvtnBX7hsrn3z9VZquSfUGb5Y1uTxQav8GQn9KNjpucgYa5C9wSb5TndUXBfZwajbmPLTjdEr1WG6Ag1KbzcNi1

    Please help

  22. Phoneum is going to kill electroneum

  23. Vinicio Cordero Portilla

    My Portfolio is 90% Electroneum and 10% BTC waiting to be traded for Electroneum LOL

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