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How to Mine Bitcoin-Gold with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub – Ep12

This video is the 12th in a sequence of movies appearing you the way to mine a unmarried coin with Awesome Miner and Mining Pool Hub. Episode 12 is Bitcoin-Gold.

This means isn’t benefit switching. For benefit switching setup, please refer to this video: https://youtu.be/Tnw4zSD7TtA

Please make certain to alter the GPU core clock and tool settings accordingly to keep away from destructive your GPU. Follow this video to alter your settings: https://youtu.be/Nqqem-RQP6M

Download AwesomeMiner:

Join MiningPoolHub:

Bitcoin-Gold Wallet:

Three Great Cryptocurrency Opportunities:

1. Mine for crypto the usage of your individual apparatus!
Join MiningPoolHub:
Download AwesomeMiner:
Watch my educational on how to set it up:

2. No apparatus? No downside! Do cloud mining.
Purchase cloud mining thru HashFlare:

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Disclaimer: I’m really not a monetary adviser. Please do all your personal analysis. I’m really not answerable for any injury performed to your laptop. I’m really not answerable for selections you’re making referring to the way you spend your individual time or cash. I’m merely a pastime miner who likes to proportion wisdom.

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  1. That's an awesome video. Thank you very much for the tutorial. God bless. 🙂

  2. As Usual, a great,easy to follow, intuitive Video. You are my Bible when it comes to Mining. I thank you sir!

  3. Hey I was wondering if u could tell me for certain that awesome miner doesn't have malware, I downloaded from site and windows keeps saying it's a Trojan

  4. So very easy to understand. thank you for your time n effort. God Bless!!

  5. Didnt you learn anything from the bitconnect collapse? Now your going into DavorCoin? sigh….

  6. Hey @goose-tech Great vids ive been following along. Not sure if i missed a video or if there is no way to do so but is there a explorer or a graph that tells us the average hash rates and how much earning per hour/day/week/month ect. I tried downloading the MPH app and it does not show anything besides hash rates be there is a box that shoes the daily earnings but nothing is in there and ive been mining for 2 days straight . N y help would be appreciated. Thanks

  7. As always an excellent video, Can you make one about how to mine pascal coin?

  8. is bitcoin gold good?

  9. Could you please do a tutorial with the same software and pool for mining VGX? Cannot get this running at all. Very frustrating. Searching around it appears quite a difficult coin to setup for newbies.

  10. U keep advertising awesome miner and mining pool hub, ok, I have nothing against that, but: is it less or more profitable to mine the coin directly without awesome miner? Including the option on mph to autochange.

  11. Is there another site like MPH that doesn't force you to convert everything to BTC?

  12. Lord bless you man , you seriously made my life a lot easier ,with my stream and now this <3 my English is not that good so i didn't understand the payment part really good ,is it possible for you at all to make a video or just explain here how to have that wallet you said ?

  13. Thank you for putting in the time to create these instructions.

  14. Forgot to set up the miner in MPH. Errors everywhere.

  15. It's work…. thanks bro….

  16. Ayman , اسرار الانترنيت

    how to mine bitcoin other than nicehash ?

  17. How much time to see my hashrate on mining pool hub?? I use WBWF Miner 0.3.4b ( not with Awesome miner only the software it self.)  I use a GTX 1060 6gb ( 340 sol/s )

  18. Could you please make a new Mining Tutorial for the Bitcoin Gold Hardforke 144,5 algo with the Awesome Miner??????

  19. Thanks…

  20. i have error, it say there are no supported pools available for the selected mining software. ? i follow all your tutorial.. thank you if you reply.

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