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Resources for undervalued cash:


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  1. yeah boy!

  2. Shannon Billows Personal Training

    Ken, do you have any way to find if coins have bottomed out after previous highs. Without dredging through hundreds of cryptos

  3. thanks you boy !!!!

  4. What's your opinion on Embercoin swap? And will it boom like electra did?

  5. what do you think about reddcoin? it has a pretty high marketcap but is not worth very much

  6. Love from NDIA 🙂 How to add masternod for Sucre coin?

  7. Hi.. any thoughts on PYLON Network Token? Good Alternate of $POWR?

  8. Ken, AdShares seems to be a good bet. Could you check it?

  9. Hey Ken, just wanna let you know I watched your video about Electra about 2 weeks ago and I'm glad I did buy a couple million of them before it explodes. Just going to continue Hodling them and see where it goes from here.

  10. guys check out campuscoin (cmcpo)

    roadmap on a good website, concentrated & active team, low price 0,008 $, monsterlow cap

    want to stock but no dip is coming since a few days
    happy to be already in

  11. Check Nebulas (NAS) Google of the Blockchaine …

  12. Hey Ken, Check out MOIN. Think there is tons of potential there

  13. Thanks Ken, love your approach at value plays. Do you have a list somewhere that you keep updated of your current picks, or perhaps can you share a breakdown of your current portfolio? Thanks!

  14. you are killing it! good work bro!

  15. Hey Ken, keep up the good work. Just followed you today.
    I want to know if there is a mineable coin where you think is a hidden gem. Want to mine some alts with my PC 🙂 Any ideas? Would appreciate it:)

  16. Big dog I'm happy I found your channel. And I'm happy that we invested together on snovio. Dope shit

  17. What do you think about MOON coin?

  18. Mohammed Tunkara

    Another great video. You are the best and i wish many people know about your channel. You are much appreciated and please keep the videos coming. Thank you

  19. Hi Ken awesome video as usual, I would like to know your view on Sportify @SPF

  20. Can you talk about HTMLCOIN for us please? they have a superb organisation, team and plan and their office is in Chicago. thanks Ken.

  21. Thanks for your info bro! love the videos man. Can you tell me your opinon on $CMPCO ?

  22. Alessandro Guimarães

    How much you spend in a coin that you like?

  23. Cristian Quintero

    GCN coin please

  24. Love your vids! Good job!

  25. Eric Alisson Zapparoli

    Please Ken talk about crave. For me it's a great project but I don't know if it still cheap or not.

  26. Check out (SPF). Sports are always lucrative. Believe very much in this project!

  27. Hey man nice video, can you talk about HTML and EmberCoin? They're at extremely low market cap and huge potencial of gains. Thanks

  28. Nice one, bro. Could you make a quick review on BCCS- BitcoinCashScrypt???

  29. Loving the vids man! Are there any other Youtubers or Twitter users that you recommend I follow? Specifically users who talk about low cap coins like yourself.

  30. Liked, subscribed, rang the bell, all that. Spreading the word too. You are some sort of young Asian guru, that takes my money in Seattle casinos n shit. I've been looking at 3 baby coins. Senderon (SDRN) I Actually dropped a few hundred in and got 40k at 1 cent. Also been looking at Linx, it's doubled since I started watching it, and Madcoin, only 2M supply. What u think on those boss?

  31. Hey try to look at Viuly too. I'm searching about this token and i'm very excited. Their project is a plataform of videos where you will get paid to see and to upload videos. They pretend to be competing with youtube, very interesting

  32. Can you check out Voise and Lampix? Not the newest but with decent platforms

  33. ken, Batcoin on cryptopia on the LTC market is about to breakout.

  34. Oladayo Oladipupo

    Ken can you please message me on my telegram, I am unable to message people except they message first https://t.me/integrityd Thanks

  35. Bro your videos are great man! Thank you so much for making these videos! Hello from Afghanistan

  36. Nice video bro.

  37. Hey could you please tel me how you feel about telcoin? Thank you.

  38. Hi Ken, Thanks for the video! It is helpful and I will definitely watch more video produced by you. Here is a small web tool which you may use to filter and find altcoins: http://www.coinmarkettip.com I hope you will find it helpful.

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