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How to buy Tron TRX Tronnix Using Coinbase Safely Step by Step Video

This is a step by step video on how to buy Tron Tronnix Coin TRX the usage of Bitcoin BTC Use These hyperlinks so as to setup your four major accounts to get started making an investment in Tron.

Set Up Coinbase: My fav as a result of this can be a relied on Company in the usA.

Setup Binance: My favourite coin alternate. So many cash to make a choice from.

Setup Gdax: What I exploit to keep away from charges from Coinbase

Set Up Tron Wallet:

Nano Ledger S: The most secure means to retailer your ripple, bitcoin, ethereum and different altcoins.

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  1. Now that you know how to Buy Tron TRX, Here is a video on how to withdraw your Tron TRX for cash. https://youtu.be/uohSVI5cXUI

  2. You just got a new subscriber. Can I use Paypal to purchase TRX if I'm outside the U.S.? Coinbase doesn't accept transactions outside the U.S.A; (I live in Jamaica W.I.) and it appears Bitstamp doesn't seem to trade in TRX, so I'm stuck. Any advice?

    Thanks for the detailed and very informative video. I also used all your links.

  3. One thing i like bout u is ur prediction. Great job my man

  4. I can't find TRX on Kucoin.. help please

  5. Great video, had to subscribe, thank you.

  6. Hey B-roots squad. Invest in pac coin before it's too late to make serious gains. I made $2500 overnight on this thing. It's going to go crazy come March 1st.

  7. i really appreciate the help my brother word up!!!

  8. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to withdraw my TRX from myetherwallet and it says I have insufficient funds from my account. I tried increasing the gas limit and that didn't work. Not sure what I'm really doing. I'm assuming it's talking about gas because I clearly see I have tron in my wallet. Does anyone know how to get the tron out of the wallet? If so please help!!! I really need to get it out. How do I get gas??? Thank you in advance
    Edit – I figured it out thanks a lot!!!

  9. Shorten this video.

  10. Hi @B-Roots Ive read about issues with HitBTC, what has been your experience, have you been able to withdraw your tron from HitBTC and put it in your wallet? what was the withdraw fee? Thanks

  11. now when transfering to your ether wallet and using the ether address, does this same process work with nay crypto coin? and it will automatically be converted in your ether wallet.

  12. musicismylife55783

    Mr B Roots is tron in trouble? Should I keep or sell my tron??? Thank you I’m freaking out lol !

  13. Timothy Hennigan


  14. Gabriel Merkesdal

    How can i veryfi my acount when i dont have a drivers license? The passport option is unavalable to me.

  15. I'm having problems verifying with gdax and problems with hitbtc how am I able to purchase TRX as of 1-7-2018?

  16. says binace is not accepting new users is there any other way around it?

  17. What do you do when you buy more than one coin at the same time and try to put it into ethernet wallet?

  18. Hey B-Roots just a quick question, the MEW address is the same for any Ethereum based coin correct? Whether I am depositing TRON or Ethereum I would be using the same MEW address to deposit and MEW would automatically know what type of coin or token it is as long as it is Ethereum based. Please confirm with me and appreciated it in advance!!

  19. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and excellent tutorial on TRX buying. And yes, I hit the subscribe button. Peace!

  20. how do you avoid the fees when you buy Bitcoin or etherum on coin base? I heard you mentioned skipping the fee, was that solely for transferring it to binance? I would love to avoid fees if possible. otherwise doesn't litecoin have the cheapest fees? hope you get back to me. cheers!

  21. So you have to open an account for each crypto you wish to buy? Accounts on binance, coinbase, a dedicated account with your bank…No one has done a video on how to REALLY start this journey. Your video doesn't do a good job at explaining this.
    I don't know if you read the tax laws these days, but if I recall correctly you have to pay taxes each time you sell a crypto to buy another or trade a crypto for another. Have you done your homework on taxes? Be careful.

  22. My binance comes up in Chinese says I have to download something to update it will this bug my computer?

  23. Hey bro thanks fro all your help! Just wondering how to send bitcoin from Gdax to hitbtc. Or can I send directly from coinbase?

  24. How confident are you still in TRON… getting mixed reviews. Curious if you still see potential in this cyrpto and why. Thanks in advance for your insights B-Roots

  25. B-Roots Yes I used my new Ledger wallet

  26. Thanks for the inf….i just find out I could transfer my trx/btc to MEW….i thought had to convert to eth great job

  27. 35 MIN LONG?

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